[COMPLETE] Golden Child x AKP Red Carpet Q&A!

  • Omg, this will be like an early birthday gift for me =O I've been a fan of their music for a while now, so this is truly awesome! <3

    • How was your experience during the process of creating the new album and MV?
    • What inspired the story of the MV?
    • With which artists would you like to collaborate with if you could pick any artist?
    • If you have advice or a message for your international fans, what would that be?

    I hope they stay healthy and well! ^^

  • Multiple Questions here!

    1) Please give a compliment to the member on your right!

    2) The Burn It choreography looks extremely hard! How difficult is it compared to your other songs like ONE for example?

    3) What kind of concept are Golden Child interested in doing in the future?

    4) For Daeyeol - What is it like being the leader of 9? Is it difficult to keep them under control? You're doing great!

    5) For Jangjun - How are your sea monkeys doing?

    6) Is there a certain hair colour you guys want to try out?

    7) If you saw your debut selves right now, what is one thing you would say to them?

    8 ) Would DamDaDi Golcha survive the zombie apocalypse?

    9) Tag and Jangjun - Where do you guys get inspiration for your lyrics?

    10) What difficulties do you as a group face while preparing for an album and how do you overcome it? This comeback was absolutely amazing, and you should be so proud!

    British goldenness love you!

    That's all! Thank you AllKPop :)

  • What is the thing that you want to do with Goldenness?

    At this time.

    For me, if we can, I would like to enjoy a live concert in my country.

    LatinGoldenness is very proud of you and we love you so much. Te amo!!

  • First OF ALL i wanted to let you guys know that I love you sooo much!

    Ok first question: Who's the one to wake up the earliest during the day you don't have any schedule?

    no.2: Sungyoon and Jangjun can you guys do high note battle?

    no.3: Daeyeol , How do you manage to keep all the boys under control hehe? also I wanted to let you know you're the best leader . 생일 축하해요 오빠💖

  • Question to Sungyoon:

    what did you eat to be so perfect? haha how do you take care of your voice daily to be able to sing LiVE so perfectly?❤️

    그리고 사랑해요

  • if you guys see this I'll be the happiest person alive :D

    1. Did you guys have any difficulties while preparing for this album?

    2. Which is your favourite part of the choreography for 'Burnt it' ?

    3. Is there any other member who want to try acting in future except jaehyun and Bomin?

    4. Is there a possibility for self produced album in future?

    5. Which genre do you guys want to try in future?

    6. Who is the most different member in real life and Infront of camera?

    7. Random but which fruit is your favourite?

    8. Which Hair colors do You wanna try next comeback?

  • BURN IT cinematography looks amazing!

    Do any of you guys have plans to start an acting career in the future?

    Wish you a lot of success and happiness!


  • Hi guys I'm Bobby from LA

    First of all congratulations for your BURN IT M/V , it's Amazing and thank you for your hard working

    My question is:

    - Who are your roll models ?

  • Congratulations on your music show win!! :)

    What is the most recent movie that you have watched?

    In BURN IT, which member's lyrics would you swap with and why?

    What were the members first impression of each other?

  • Golden Child is the best at performing live! Recently, many members have released amazing song covers that we've really enjoyed listening to. Are there any other songs that any of you would like to sing or do a dance cover of? I love you guys!!

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