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    if you guys see this I'll be the happiest person alive :D

    1. Did you guys have any difficulties while preparing for this album?

    2. Which is your favourite part of the choreography for 'Burnt it' ?

    3. Is there any other member who want to try acting in future except jaehyun and Bomin?

    4. Is there a possibility for self produced album in future?

    5. Which genre do you guys want to try in future?

    6. Who is the most different member in real life and Infront of camera?

    7. Random but which fruit is your favourite?

    8. Which Hair colors do You wanna try next comeback?

    First OF ALL i wanted to let you guys know that I love you sooo much!

    Ok first question: Who's the one to wake up the earliest during the day you don't have any schedule?

    no.2: Sungyoon and Jangjun can you guys do high note battle?

    no.3: Daeyeol , How do you manage to keep all the boys under control hehe? also I wanted to let you know you're the best leader . 생일 축하해요 오빠💖