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  • your sig is everything :pepe-heart-eyes:

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    • akghbelvlbehdv

      Creds to @mark_lee tho shes super good at it

      but thanks though!!

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  • Tysm! <3

    And you're my friend, ofc!!!


  • dude you are too kind ㅠ

    Might be totally over the top to say this and cheesy but:

    I like you.

    Please never change.

    There you go

    I might be under the weather but i still have some love to give.

    • :pepelove2: dont worry, to make you feel better I have a similar situation, I have a really weak trust, it doesn't matter how close you are to me, it's still hanging on a thread. I've already lost trust in my dad and my uncle, and my dad was just a player so I'm really scared of dating because "how do I know your not like him?" I think all I need in life is just friends to be there for me. :peperain:

    • hahaha same, my dad mistreats all the women around him. I am scared i'll become like him, whenever i start a relationship.

      But let me tell you thr same thing my ex said to me, you are not your dad. He doesn't know what he's doing wrong, but you are aware. So please don't be scared.

  • ty for the follow :pepelove1:

  • gimme some akorns pls

  • :shake-it::shake-it::shake-it:


  • just wait my friend someone already lost the first round lol

    I'll add you to the conversation just wait

    • aight it's ok take your time

      I'm doing homework rn anyway lmao

    • game hasn't started yet you will get tagged in one the posts

      3pm KST