Why these songs didn’t lead the votings if majority were preaching about them being THE song of the year?

  • I’m using MAMA SOTY rankings since in the voting everybody (specially international fans) have access to vote. International fans are in fact the ones that show the most this behavior.

    2017: Red Velvet’s Red Flavor and Winner’s REALLY REALLY

    Winner in voting: EXO’s Ko Ko Bop

    Winner at the show: TWICE’s Knock Knock

    2018: Ikon’s LOVE SCENARIO

    Winner in voting: BTS’s IDOL

    Winner at the show: TWICE’s What is Love?

    2019: TWICE’s FANCY

    Winner in voting: BTS’s Boy with Luv

    Winner at the show: BTS’s Boy with Luv

    2020: Red Velvet’s Psycho

    Winner in voting: BTS’s Dynamite

    Winner at the show: BTS’s Dynamite

    We all know voting do not have that much impact on the final winner the main topic isn’t winners but the voting rankings, because these songs were literally hyped up by non fans and didn’t get any kind of support besides their respective fandom during the voting season. Even till this day people (most of them I’m sure didn’t vote for shit) claim they were robbed at some award shows.

    Everybody voted and will vote for their faves at the end that is hella evident but it is very hypocritical to be preaching about something and when it’s time to show the actual support that you preach about suddenly you are gone.

  • 2018 still makes no sense to this day.

    I miss you, Rahul.
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  • Only delusionals thought fancy deserved soty.

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  • I mean, your asking why international fans (which really is a code-name for english speaking western fans) didn’t out vote w.e the rest of asia and the world wanted?

    I think ppl forget we live in a english bubble and usually have no idea about asian countries preferences like Indonesia etc that vote/participate in kpop a lot.

  • do you expect people to vote several times a day for an artist they don't stan? for soty many songs are nominated so most people just vote for their faves so it really just turns into a who has the biggest fandom competition

  • 2019 was a fun year for SOTY lol. Sometimes people like to bandwagon. It's easier to say a someone deserves something than it is working for it. Less commitment involved.

    Fun? It was trash seeing BTS getting dragged through the depths of gg stan twitter.

    Edit: didn't catch the sarcasm at first

    I miss you, Rahul.
    Old Town Road GIF by Lil Nas X - Find & Share on GIPHY
    투모로우바이투게더 방탄소년단

  • Ever since Mnet structurally, wilfully pretended SNSD's Gee never existed with MAMA and regarding every one of their awards shows, just because they had a feud with SM Entertainment going, Mnet has been sus in how much they allow personal motives to influence their shows incl MAMA.

    This has been proven time and time again, the latest examples being their tinkering of Produce rankings.

    Everyone should decide for themselves how honest and fair they consider a party like Mnet and its shows, considering Mnet's long, proven history of unscrupulous, unremorseful manipulations of its own shows' results.

    But to me, Mnet's like a Trump who after years of his tweeting history, tweets once again 'trust me!', 'real news!'

    ... sure, hon, sure. Fool me once again, please, will ya? :yesr:X/

  • Funny enough Psycho was not even the 2nd most voted song. I think it was either 4th or 5th in total rankings.

    I remember clearly on army twt that with the calculations, psycho could have taken soty if it actually won in votings due to dynamite being fairly new so armys went really hard on votes.

    Kpoppies just voted for their faves and didn’t care about psycho until it was time to drag BTS.

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