How do you do your eyeshadow?

  • Here is how I do it:

    • Since I tend to use a lot concealer wich is even mostly medium to high coverage I use whats left on my sponge and aply that to my eyelid
    • Than I go into a white eyeshadow and apply it allover my eyelieds
    • Next I grab a peach-orange or wine colored eyeshadow and aply it allower my eyelid
    • As next step I take a light brown eyeshadow and apply it on the outer half of my eyelid
    • After this I take a dark brown eyeshadow (if I used the peach color) or a black (if I used the wine color) and apply it on the other corner of my uper eyelid
    • Than I take the peach color (if I used it before) and blend it under my eye up to my uper eyelied. Or I use light brown (when I had the wine color) and blend it under my eye to my uper eyelied
    • Next I use a soft goldish color and apply it like if I would do an eyeliner (if I used the peach color)
    • Last step is to grab a metalic bronce or champagne color and apply it in my inner eyecorner

    This takes me maybe 5 minutes. With concealer, poweder, eyebrows, mascara, lipstick, blush I only need like 10 minutes. I don't use eyepencil on my waterline that often, just when I feel for a more dramatic look

  • I don't use makeup

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  • I have eyes that make it hard to do anything other than just simple lid coverage. It will smudge so badly if I do anything else ; --- ; I can't even wear eyeliner how I want to because it will also smudge super easily.

    I tend to go for a neutral tone. I really like the Naked Pallet, or any one of the sub pallets and the Stilla Shimmer in the Champagne looking color. I have to keep my eye look rather neutral for my work procedures.

    * Urban Decay Primer Potion

    * Base Color - Usually a white or barely white brown

    * Crease Color A mid toned brown - cool or warm depending on Stilla Color

    * Lid Color - A darker brown. Again cool or warm depending on Stilla Color

    * Inner Eye - A shimmer lighter than every color.

    * Lid Center - Stilla or a Shimmery color that matches whatever color I'm using

  • I apply an white or skin toned color on my upper eyelids, I then choose a neutral tone for the lid, and then I apply an light sparkly color to the side closer to my nose on both sides and then a darker toned eyeshadow to my wider part of my eyelid.

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  • i can't wear colors really or i look like a kid playing w

    :clown::pepe-clown-gear::pepecute: when i try it has to be pretty subtle like pink :pinky-pensive: or brown.

    Aww. ..I can send you some tutorials I used to learn to blend and be able to use colors :borahae:

    "Sorry, I'm an anti-romantic, , 라"

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