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    No, it's a clown party and everyone choose their favs and most popular group like always. And as usual a lot of Akpop experts are going to rely on shitty youtube videos and reddit posts.

    Take a chair, grab your popcorn and enjoy the show. :pepe-popcorn:

    LOL tbh true to a certain point. I'm pretty trained but I do stan Ningning, but I'm not very sure of her level yet. I initially thought of her as lower than some of the others, but I heard her more and I revised it. I like to wait before getting like any official ranking for several years. TLDR take these with a grain of salt people


    I love TXT but they don't have the best technical proficiency.

    Seonho is very good, he's up there. I think he's probably at the top.

    Enhypen and Stray Kids are also quite stylistic, but I don't know Heesung well enough. Woojin was by far the only developed singer in Stray Kids, they are pretty weak. Seungmin is pretty light and agile.

    Ateez are all weak vocalists but for Jongho. Jongho is a bit strained in many high parts but he's still above average.

    Woobin is a lot better than I thought! I would place him at 6th. He can get shouty, but not bad.

    I don't know enough about the rest

    I don’t know much about 4th gen boy group vocalists so I’ve added the only 5 boy group vocalists who’ve been mentioned so far in the thread.

    I have to imagine there’s others in the running for best male vocalists of 4th gen...?

    Boy group music has lots of distortion and mixing. Like BTS's permission to dance recently. Not hate but it's harder to gauge from there. The Boyz has some nice singers. Taeil is very good. I think in terms of technique he is probably one of the top. I don't know if he's 3rd gen or 4th though. Doyoung and some other NCT boys are also really nice.

    I do think Goeun is below Ningning, Haeyoon, and Bora (Winter’s below them, as well).

    I’m going to add them to the honorable mention category though because we couldn’t discuss 4th gen vocals without mentioning them.

    I’ve seen a lot of people mention Yechan of Pink Fantasy but I’m waiting to add her until there’s some videos as reference (live vocals, you know?)

    Yep I agree. Yechan is probably close to Monday. Swan and Ningning are also super close. Kinda iffy about Denise but I have not followed her enough. I always wait for some time for that reason.

    There's no super outstanding vocal out of them all, but that's because several of them are rookies.

    There's always some time needed to see.

    Hmm maybe I should watch it again. I love the OST but I didn't like the acting so I dropped it after a little. I'll see once I try it again.

    Twice was very organic with their subtle shift in sound. They sound very pop and not edgy but still more mature than when they started out.

    It’s worked out brilliantly for them. Esp considering as you grow older Korean charting will inevitably reduce(tho they’re still doing really well). They knew when to shift gears. Their international charting is not uncontested against most of kpop.

    yesss I agree. This wasn't the sudden hello Venus turnaround but something well thought.

    I love Hello Venus but the sudden cutesy to butt choreo was surprising-

    I realized my earlier post came off wrong. I don't want them to suddenly switch, they're doing fine rn as is. I didn't really like Alcohol Free but it was not that generic, and Perfect World was amazing.

    I would say Goeun is below Ningning but above Winter.

    Usually I wait a few years before doing full analyses. My rule is at least 3 years. Most people have that rule so that is why there are less analyses of newer gen singers. I think Bora and Haeyoon are a bit below Ningning but overall there is no super ahead vocalist out of the ones everyone mentioned (so not like a Luna-Krystal gap) I do think Pink Fantasy's Yechan is probably at the top and Monday after but it's not super big.

    That is why I wait. Voices can change. Example Hyolyn was much better than Taeyeon at her peak but she regressed a bit after BUT she is rebounding again. Yuju who is my bias in Gfriend also had a regression problem. Many vocalists improve. I don't have enough material for a lot of these vocalists.

    A lot of times people confuse stability with technical proficiency. For example, all of Gfriend except Yuju are probably weak singers, Eunha doesn't really have a strong vocal technique. They could do the high notes in their songs though. Gidle has a similar story, where the main vocalists, are not the strongest singers in the group, particularly Miyeon. Stayc is another huge case. BTS perhaps. ITZY are not vocally well rounded but that is okay. Dreamcatcher too.

    Bang Yedam, when I saw kpop star I did think was kind of overrated, but he is a nice singer. Maybe I was just salty for AKMU. I have not kept up with him or any other boygroup after so I will not comment for him.

    The below was written by the person alleging to Kim Sohye's school violence

    I've checked 4 websites and they all seem to say the same thing.

    Basically what happened is that

    1. OP wrote a post alleging to Kim Sohye's school violence
    2. Kim Sohye's rep sued OP for "false information and defamation", they said that if OP deletes her post, they will drop the charges
    3. However, OP felt that if they deleted the post, the fact that Kim Sohye was a school bully will just become like something that never happened so they didn't delete the post
    4. The conclusion of the investigations cleared OP from the charges
    5. Reason: there was actually a record that the school violence committee of S*M* all-girl middle school had stating that they punished Kim Sohye for being a perpetrator
    6. So the post that OP wrote was not treated as false information

    The OP isn't a victim either, their friend was. OP witnessed their friend being bullied

    It does make sense. Sohye's company is run by her father, so the story (long suspected by others) that she was tricked into being an acting trainee was not completely true. (it is true that she was not fully informed though)

    I don't know how to think about this. People thought she was rigged in, however I truly doubt that. Her story made her interesting. But hearing all this, and that the OP got cleared which is really hard to do. I'm really mad for Han Hyeri to be honest. Her career never got to where it could have been with IOI if she had debuted.

    I read all the comments saying that her company is media playing it. I counted the rankings, and there's no way it is natural. It seems like the company is twisting what happened because the report proved it.

    Also even if Sohye's family is rich, there is no way they can disprove a file like that.


    all i know is seo taiji is a respected figure on the kpop industry and always got mentioned even until today . they also a boygroup like hot & sechkies or group like AKMU ?

    They were a group, but kind of like Jung Joonyoung's Drug Restaurant , where he was the only frontliner, the others were pretty forgotten against Seo Taiji.

    Also while he did a lot for the scene, he is pretty abusive to women and an isolating creep imo.

    Def SES and FIN KL but Chakra was pretty popular, just not a top top act. They haven't been mentioned yet I think. I'm mostly with girl groups but everyone's covered the boy groups.

    FIN KL was quite popular but all the gg's had to deal with HOT antis who thought they were dating them. I believe Hyori swore at an anti who threw things at her new car. FIN KL had so much drama too. Lee Jin and Sung Yuri hated how Hyori was very....not religious at all. Ok Joohyun was more of a mediator but yeah things were not great between them several times. Also Hyori blowing up later besides not being the visual did sour a few things but that's all resolved now.

    Bada always mentions how she caused all the SES drama, especially since they were they top girl group at the time. I had never realized how competitive it would have been with your own members as well. Anyways I love Bada, she's pretty crazy and the only person to directly call out a boy group member on television for liking her.

    Ironic how Shoo ended up with the gambling scandal and Fin KL are all good now

    ~After all the world is pretty crazy~