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    Well we see a lot of groups selling well in China, in fact a huge dump of sales goes to China every year and reallyy only a few groups like big Bang and BlackPink have ever had mainstream success in that country in a way yet we're seeing their numbers matched or beaten by groups that haven't ever had a lot of chart success in that country.

    A lot of groups, not Aespa specifically, could also tour China territories but skip it. Look at BP toured Taiwan and Hong Kong recently and did big numbers. Several Chinese territories that are still bookable have arena's from 5k up to 40+ k yet seemingly groups are skipping these.

    No way. Right now there's a huge wave of anti-territory sentiment. Especially since Aespa has a chinese member...why risk it? Aespa is very close to mainstream in China too. OFC not Big Bang or BP, or even BTS level, but all 4 members rank in the top trending searches.

    Giselle, the least popular member of Aespa has a CBar that is competing/slightly ahead of NEWJEANS Haerin, who is the most popular member of NewJeans in China. Eventually tours will happen though, maybe next year.

    I'm impressed.

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    And I've actually not always enjoyed Mark's voice but I really like it here - Mark and Xiumin play off each other so well.

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    Weren't you the one saying there was some sort of divide inside Lightsum's fandom? Between Sangah and Chowon? I vaguely remember this.

    Yena was the fun and cute solo that appealed to preteens and young teens, but she started moving away from that after her second comeback. I think she should have stuck with it. It's a niche that works for her.

    I always thought her genre was pop punk. I don't think this song title will work just because if the opposite happened kpop fans would be furious, but I do see how this love/hate monolyth was always a part of her image.

    I don't know about this fansite until today. I have so much question about this, is sm doing anything to protect Sulli from her? How they can let a fansite have so much control over the idol's life?

    People on twitter said she rebranding herself as Wonyoung and Sana fansite. This is scary.

    there are a lot of fansites like jinnabit, she just became the most infamous one. Not to downplay what she's done. She tried to go after some of the smrookies (irene in particular) but SM debuted them with premade fan admins, most of jinnabit's power was that she was the head of all Sulli fansites so she powered all of them and intimidated the rest to stay away, if she didn't become the head the impact wouldn't be as catastrophic.

    she's been seen at iz*one concerts but not ive so I am guessing the rebrand threw her off (thankfully). She's been around as a twice fansite pretty often so she's still there. She tried with some of the younger female smrookies (she was pretty obvious because this random 35 year old woman trying to but in and take pictures of unreleased trainees makes it obvious who she was) but again besides Ningning they all left.

    Can anyone tell me whats going on? Beat Interactive (company of A.C.E & Forestella) is recently retweeting TEEN TOP and uh ... why? I need answers ... whats going on ????

    Logged back in here literally when I saw this lol. Changjo, of TEEN TOP signed with Beat Interactive lol, but is still working with Teen Top. So TLDR the two companies are collaborating and so BI is retweeting Teen Top.

    They'll probably all try to sign them again

    Beside hyunjin and vivi

    the problem is that OEC (their most popular subunit) is coming in July in a packed month. They're basically making OEC go to a European tour because the company has lost a lot of money thanks to BBC's blacklisting and they need money.

    Hyunjin and Vivi's company has ties to Jaden Jeong, and they will likely come back for Loona 1/3 comebacks with Heejin and Haseul, which is why Heejin is not joining OEC's comeback. Hyunjin and Vivi are the members with the modelling/acting connections which is why they signed elsewhere, JJ's blacklisting won't help them.

    I am guessing Gowon and Yeojin will also join Jaden's company. Yeojin is closest to Haseul, and Gowon to Jinsoul.

    Yves has already signed a producing deal with her friends who are producing, and kfans are concerned she may no longer be interested in Loona, but she's at least in music.

    The problem is that Olivia Hye has basically left the industry in all but name. She hasn't opened an instagram account, nor has shown up publicly with the other members when they discussed negotiations.

    I knew I was forgetting Ive Yujin! She's great

    The expectation was a white produced IP with black protagonists, which is what they got. Very different from their idea of the mermaid as a white young girl. And Black men tend to be more accepted in East Asian media than black women in general, like Hyunmin, Sam Okyere, Jonathan, Jerry in Korea, but fewer recognizable black women.

    The female protagonist in Black Panther was the most popular character after the main character buddy....also TLM knew that China/Korea would not enjoy it mainly because the special effects are not up to Avatar's par and the animatronic characters have been changed.

    Korea only took to Aladdin because of Speechless and it became the biggest #1 hit. Beauty in the Beast underperformed in Korea, forget TLM. If anything China being unresponsive is the bigger loss because they had no hope for Korea, but China has far better movies going on right now so BO comparison is touch. Suzume absolutely washed kids markets recently.

    TLM will do great in America, decent in the Phillipines/SEA and not great everywhere else.

    He has a history of messing up Hot Shot, and than, Ha Sungwoon (who was a Hot Shot member). He behaves like a lottery winner who blows all of the winnings within a year now; just happy that his payday has arrived. Unfortunately KPop has too many such owners before, so the investors won't be fooled

    It's very Momoland. But I will say I don't think the gap between members is unmanageable. They need to promote equally and it'll be okay. But if they promote two groups at once and skimp out on contents/music it'll be a problem since H1key is doing better on the Kside in terms of member popularity.

    East Asian cultures are open about their colorism and will just outright say to each other that it's a shame the protagonist is darker skinned. Once again it comes to Lookism. The appeal to them of Western culture is WHITENESS, so if they don't see it they will be disappointed or sometimes even angry, especially the Chinese netizens, as they are more brazen with it.

    To an extent - Black Panther did fantastic abroad.

    Aladdin did fantastic thanks to Naomi Scott in China. And Naomi Scott only. Speechless was a massive hit and turned people's minds around. The rest of the movie was kind of mismatched to the original vibe and while cnetz/knetz were okay with Will Scott he's no Robin Williams. Also one thing - Aladdin is a Disney Classic, which means it did far better in the BO originally than movies like TLM, who actually didn't gross as much in comparison overseas. TLM is going to do far better in America than originally expected, which is a tradeoff the investors were likely okay with.

    They cannot lead as a visual or performance focused group, but they can still rebrand as vocal focused group, like Mamamoo, and be very successful, but they need a decent song that is public friendly and can showcase their vocals.

    Even then imo across their lineup their vocals are not as good as they are hyped up to be. Better than the average girl group, but not Wow compared to the average girl group.

    I think they are already very similar to MAMAMOO in terms of comedy/group dynamics. Very talent/fanbase focused, and they appeal to girls mostly (except for Sullyoon who has a lot of guy fans). They need to capitalize on that - the problem is that NMIXX's age does hold them back where MAMAMOO were all adults. Nevertheless I can see them rising a lot later on like MAMAMOO with Hip.

    I think it's because NMIXX moves a lot like a boy group [from a company that has always had a very public friendly gg image]. Their fandom has their own inside jokes (especially with Haewon being a comedian) however they don't reach the mainstream in a way that the other kpop big ggs do. Obviously their sales come from their own fanbase, and less from casual buyers, however that puts a lot of pressure on the girls - especially Sullyoon - to retain that fanbase. In no way they are flops.

    Even though LMLT did decently, other ggs shatter bigger records, so NMIXX really relies on their talents and inside fanbase for attention. That's not a bad thing but people don't expect it of JYP.

    Maybe not scandal but I wonder how she keeps her personal life so private. Other idols have photos of them going out with friends, clubbing and dating but we never see anything with Wonyoung. Compared to Jennie where people know so much of her personal life.

    There is generally a ban on revealing such things when one is in a rookie group which WY is protected by.

    I can't think of many "top" female idols with actual legitimate scandals though. Not counting dating. Biggest ones are probably Irene and Jiyeon.

    I thought STELLAR would be the last of it but no. I'm shocked that DRIPPIN's situation is going under the radar a bit?

    Woollim has lost the plot post-Chaewon: I'm aware DRIPPIN didn't do as well as Golden Child but they clearly shine in brighter concepts. Why force them to a sexy concept when all of the members are uncomfortable with it? Just because they are of age doesn't mean it is okay.

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    It's a violation of their rights as human beings. Sure sexier, darker concepts are the trend in 4th gen, especially internationally but I have lost respect for any fan who encourages this concept change knowing the boys are not happy with it. Fans sexualizing them when they have repeatedly spoken up about not wanting to wear revealing clothing does not make them fans. Alex wasn't even a full adult when this started.

    I am a girl group fan to my core, but please support boy groups who are uncomfortable too. It sucks that Woolim is pushing this thinking it'll get them more sales (and it probably will with ifans). Not to mention they are crazy overworked.

    I think it's perfectly fine for Irene to do Group CFs and I guess even solo ones so long as her behavior has actually changed for the better. Unfortunately she will have to deal with snide comments but she still has selling power so she will be booked. It was good that SM started with an international brand and will slowly make their way back to Korean brands.

    I heavily dislike power trips, male or female, but I think here the industry has changed for the better. Back in 2nd gen, so many groups used to be rude to staff constantly, in fact two groups I follow (Girls Day and SUJU) even had power-trip incidents on camera. I'm glad the culture around it is being called out, and it's really not okay to abuse your position of power.

    After School Kahi got away with it, and she wasn't even a man, or even as popular as Irene. It's because expectations for idols have changed.

    Irene has reaped the consequences now.

    Recently I was reading an interview of Somi's and she mentioned that she had read a blind on her which made her reevaluate her entire behavior. I honestly am neutral on Somi but I admire how she actually acknowledged her mistake instantly and made amends with her manager.


    Kim Heechul is doing just fine while Irene still can't promote properly. F*ck, this is ridiculousㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    Heechul is interesting. SUJU in general had that 2nd gen BG shield.

    But the thing is that SM has really been pushing that "Heechul is the only good member of SUJU" thing because they really want a house-made variety star. With Yoo Jae Suk slowing down activities, SM has been quick to try and gather variety people galore in their company, and Heechul is their best bet of someone who can successfully make the transition from idol to possible television star.

    A lot of his (smaller) scandals have been swept under the rug, and SM has made sure Heechul keeps up his fanbase of people obsessed with and willing to shield him. ELFs who bias Ryeowook are generally less obsessive (because all the bad ones left when he starting dating Tahiti Ari) than Heechul and Kyuhyun's who actively feed the delusion.