i have a weird approach to kpop my friends don't understand

  • when i tell them my favorite songs doesn't always come from my favorite groups or when i tell them i don't stan a group of which i like multiple songs

    honestly i don't stan groups because of their music, i mean it could be a factor but it isn't the main thing i look forward to when stanning someone, i like people who are fun, which's reality shows are fun to watch, and i don't necessarily have to fav t'heir music

    however if i like a song or the discography of a group but i don't find them very fun to watch, then it's pretty likely i won't "stan" them, sometimes i even have a single favoritre kpop song in my favorite kpop songs of all time and it's from a group i don't even stan or like any other of their songs

    for example i love nct, it's one of my ult groups and i bias them really hard but i have more vixx's songs in my top favorite songs and i don't even stan vixx and i don't even know their names lmao but nct is so fun to watch meanwhile idk too much about vixx and i'm not curious either, you know what i mean? lmao idk

    also the only group that is like my ult and i have their full discography at my top songs of all time is exo, but for the rest is this weird approach

  • Me too! I have TXT's whole discography on my playlist but I don't stan them because I love them for music and not who they are, although I'm sure they are great people

    I have many groups and soloists I listen to everyday that I don't stan

  • i stan group that has great rappers, write & produce songs here & there or always, ofc have music i like and talented. Personality is vague imo, cus off & on camera they can be different. So i focus more on their artistry & passion for music & how much i relate to their lyrics & music. And i appreciate hardwork for example Bang Chan has trained for 7 years to debut and works without sleep to produce & write songs for SKZ, Hongjoong literally has written letter to KQ to become trainee & learned producing while also learning rap & dance, Hyunsuk has participatd two survival shows to finally debut etc.

    Even though i don't stan i like most of NCT's songs but they are not rap group like SKZ, ATEEZ etc and SM don't let them have artistic freedom, main reason i don't stan SM groups tho

  • i think every kpop fans are like this

    for example musically speaking i have every title track of Twice on my phone, and everytime they make a cb i'm streaming the title track for the whole month, but i'll never stan them because as a group they don't interest me

    meanwhile there's group like Suju that i stan but i wouldn't say it's for the music since i have 3-4 songs of them, but mostly for their personality on vartiety

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