• (t/n: the agency gave a feedback stating: What we found is that it’s true that there were people that Cha Woonggi was not on good terms with during his school days, however claims such as him using violence to bully specific people are completely false.)




    +Psychiatry and treatment details are attached. By the way, due to the trauma, and I couldn't enter school, so I lived like a decaying object at home for a year and then went to get treatment.
    +I will never delete the post. There are many people who read it. And I have it in my memory. It seems like people are trying to scare me because I don't have much evidence

    Hello I'm the victim who had received the harshest treatment of all his victims.

    This is something I didn't want to think about again, and because of my pride, I didn't want to consider what [he did] as school violence until now and lived without any intention of revealing.
    Even though people around me tole me that I should've exposed his school violence, I let it slide by without much thought, and even after seeing the recent buzz around his personality, I just waited them to pass until I wouldn't see these in front of my eyes anymore.

    But this morning, when I received a link to another article on Nate Pann from a relative, and read the post containing my story, and the ridiculous comments shielding him, I found the courage to write this post down.

    First of all, I'm one year younger than Cha Woonggi and we got close because we knew family members, etc. There was another female sunbae who was close to us. And all 3 of us were close.
    But myself and that female sunbae ended up dating each other and I ended up fighting with Cha Woonggi because of that. After that, we just naturally grew apart and after I broke up with my ex-girlfriend, Cha Woonggi made up with her and I think that's when the bullying started.
    My ex-girlfriend, Cha Woonggi and his herd used to always "side eye" me and my friends whenever they saw us. If they saw us on the streets that led to school, they would pass by next to us by groups of 6-7 people and throw personal attacks (saying by face is huge, that I was dark, that my eyes were small) and they would throw a bunch of swears too. And the further they went away from our direction, the louder their insults drew. Because of this, I would always wait for an hour everyday after school ended [to not see them] and then go home.

    During lunch too, it was the same deal. They used to scream or hit me on purpose while passing by deliberately to harass me. They would also shoot unsolicited pictures/videos of me and my friends and refuse to show it when we ask them, they would say they didn't do it and then refuse to show their gallery.

    It wasn't only at school, they would harass me even on SNS. They would reveal my parents' names and they would make fake usernames by themselves and joke around. Cha Woonggi and my ex-girlfriend and their friends would go on Ask (website where you can ask questions) and mock me with the content they post.
    On Facebook, they also wrote my parents name in the "intro" field where you can write a sentence. They also wrote a lot of posts take shots at me. My friends were all scared of sunbae-hoobae relationships so they didn't do anything.

    Also, aside from the bullying, I'll talk about his personality.
    When Cha Woonggi, I and my ex-girlfriend played together in public places such as the subway or whatnot, he would secretly film his prank on other people such as detaching the key ring on the person's bag, sticking something on someone's clothes or putting trash in someone's hat.
    Also, there's a Home Plus (T/N: kind of like a Korean Walmart) close to my ex-girlfriend's house. He would play in the kids' articles' section and try out the articles and cause inconveniences.

    He would also spray fish sauce in front of the music teacher's house and would also throw his trash there.

    I didn't agree with everything he did above.

    People who've known idols for a long time might now this. There was a person selling tickets on Twitter called Mizzeu? (I'm not too sure about this, I don't remember well) That person was famous for selling tickets and making plans to meet the buyers at an appointed location but then, would break the promise after the buyers went to the location. That person was Cha Woonggi.

    I remember that Cha Woonggi would agree to meet near Dongdaemun or Dongmyo and then would just watch the buyers from afar.

    I remember that his followers also had a nickname for him.

    I'm not writing this to say that I did well to hang out with him despite knowing everything he did. I'm also reflecting a lot and have a lot of regrets.

    I don't think that Cha Woonggi deserves to fail.

    Because of the things that happened, I even wrote a report reporting the school violence but the teacher said that we were going to graduate soon and he dissuaded me. So the assailant got to graduate without receiving any punishment.

    (He/I?) also missed school during the 2nd and 3rd semesters in middle school for 1/3 of the time. So around 60 days out of 180, (he/I) was absent without any notice and almost got expelled. (T/N: it's not clear in this part if OP is talking about himself or Cha Woonggi)

    I also went a lot to the psychologist because I was having it too hard. Because I'm still suffering from the drama, it's still very hard. Cha Woonggi knows himself that he did wrong. I've heard from one of my acquaintances that he thought he should have apologized to me before graduation. I've been told that if he becomes a celebrity and that these things blow out, he's just gonna go with it.

    Apologize and reflect on yourself, and I hope that victims don't see you.

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    1. [+896, -5]

    First time seeing someone seeing someone cancel themselves as soon as they ascend in the fandom ㅋㅋㅋ

    2. [+729, -22]

    What he wrote in that Katalk chat room wasn't him showing he has principles, it's because he's good at always nitpicking othersㅋㅋㅋㅋ If you look at how the people have been promoting him with business posts about his Ask, you could already feel how sketchy the situation was, he looked way too fake and artificial

    3. [+458, -13]

    Even if you're not directly involved in school violence, and you're indirectly involved it this, school violence is school violence. I keep seeing people blurry the lines with the comments here

    4. [+458, -13]

    This isn't happening because Cha Woonggi is hitting big now, the victim was consistently making posts about him ever since RTK. But at the time, he had no recognition so the incident got burried. And this time, he's having this weird media play around him? Or is it noise marketing? with all the the praise so the victims are getting hit again..

    5. [+241, -1]

    Wow this part was so.... It's the first time I'm seeing someone mention this in a school violence post (t/n: sharing a screenshot of the Mizzeu part)

    6. [+180, -0]

    The way he mentioned Kim Jiyoung, Born in 1982 was so f*cking fishyㅋㅋㅋ There's not a single man who would dare to talk like thisㅋㅋㅋ He's only acting like that because he's using his head to make money off his fangirls ㅋㅋㅋ

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