Netizens pledge support for 'Fifty Fifty 2' and urge Attrakt to open auditions

  • Netizens pledge support for 'Fifty Fifty 2' and urge Attrakt to open auditions


    Article: Netizens are even asking for 'Fifty Fifty' season 2 with new members

    Source: JTBC News via YouTube

    [+1,500] I never thought I'd see the day that there's a fandom for an agency~!!! It's amazing! Attrakt~! You must succeed no matter what!! We're supporting you!!

    [+1,000] If Attrakt were to ever open auditions for a second group, there will be a ton of pretty and talented applicants. I think even a TV show audition program would be a hit.

    [+742] If the CEO ever decided to hold a new audition show, the viewer ratings and CF deals will be daebak

    [+714] The CEO has done his part as the adult in this situation. It's time that he moves on and spreads his positive influence to a new Fifty Fifty. We will be supporting you.

    [+658] It's now a race against time! The CEO needs to get all his resources together and hurry up with a second group. Actually, just start with a new audition program!

    [+414] Fifty Fifty season 2 will be an absolute hit because #1 their CEO has the dominating support of the public in his fight against evil #2 none of the public even knows who the original members were anyway since they went viral off of a song #3 the current members lack in visual, skills, and charm. You can find kids like them everywhere in Hongdae... The CEO needs to think hard about this because this is an opportunity for him to climb back. He needs to realize that this group was going to backstab him later on, even if it wasn't now. Just start fresh with a new team that will guarantee you success. This is an opportunity given to you by the heavens.

    [+292] If there's one thing our country can't stand, it's backstabbers!! It's so naive of them to think they can get away with something that is Yoo Seung Joon-level.

    [+275] Jun Hong Joon CEO is going to become a big name in the history of K-Pop. I know that good things are awaiting him.

    [+267] I totally support a member swap-out~ There are tons and tons of trainees with more talent and charm than them...

    [+259] This is my first time seeing a CEO supported by the entier nation. He deserves it, especially with all the stories of how he's always treated his artists like his own daughters.

    [+236] Daebak is assured if he ever holds an audition show

    [+234] We all pledge to buy your next album if you create a new group

    [+193] Fifty Fifty needs to be exiled, all of my support is for Fifty Fifty 2

    [+135] Please... harden your heart and create a new group. I've never bought an album in my life but I promise to support you. CEO-nim, please harden your heart and go hard in your fight!

    [+49] The entire public is on your side, CEO-nim. I will buy your first album no matter what happens.

  • my back nearly broke from laugh after seeing that "Fifty Fifty Season 2" comment :sweat:^^

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  • So what are Fifty Fifty the bad guys now? I don't get this what happened, I thought their company was being shady with paying them, a dude who worked on it left and they decided to follow, it's all very confusing.

    Basically the CEO has very neatly won the PR war here, brining out former talent who speak highly of him and appealing to public sympathy that he was a well meaning, nice CEO who gave up a lot of himself to nurture and grow 50/50 and he was backstabbed, conned, scammed etc by people in, and connected, to his company, and then the girls backstabbed him as well.

    Meanwhile, the "backstabbing" element, and the members themselves, haven't really done a lot, in terms of PR in Korea, to counter any of that or portray themselves sin a sympathetic or positive light.

    So K-netz have sided with the CEO

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