In the long run, it will be Chuu who will be hurt more , rather than other members- some people will always follow the official line

  • I have a longer view of history and have cited a bunch of examples.

    When Mahatma Gandhi was alive, a member, Professor Jacob Worm-Muller (he was a Norwegian who was active in the Norwegian-govt-in-exile in London during WW2, and had a lot of friends in the UK govt) in the Nobel committee diametrically opposed Gandhi receiving the Nobel Prize, and he influenced other members in the committee to recommend against giving Gandhi the Peace Prize since that will encourage other peoples of the world to push for their own independence movements and disrupt the peace.

    Muller 's argument had merit by the standards of that time, and Gandhi was not given the Peace Prize. (It compensated by not giving an award in 1948 when Gandhi was killed on that year.)


    I won't discuss the merits of Chuu's case, which has been already discussed by others.

    However, there will ALWAYS be some people who will believe the official line NO MATTER WHAT. Which is about 20% of the total population, but chances are they are likely to be in the upper crust, and are likely to be in decision making positions.

    When there is a dispute between the company and an idol, the official rule is the idol is not shown in TV (or related matters) until the dispute is over, to avoid getting involved in the dispute which is considered to exist between the company and the idol. So, even now, although the now disgraced Yuchun , and Jaejoong were in K-dramas, they and Junsu were NEVER welcome in music shows; Junsu appeared in trot shows only because the trot shows don't deal with SM idols.

    The decision makers do NOT like those who do not follow company lines, no matter what the reason, because they would have their share of disgruntled employees and encouraging such behavior does encourage their own employees to try similar stunts.

    Plus, those who will always toe the official line will never change their opinions since their minds are already set . In life, in the end it is always beneficial to toe the official line, from which the decision makers base their actions on and nobody will oppose those who are paying the salaries and investment monies. Lee Jieun, during her stunt at Inkigayo , used to be a friend of Jung Nicole but because the latter had been one of those who bolted out of Kara, Lee Jieun did not really do much with Nicole, mostly talking to Goo Hara (who did remain) only. (Such awkward situation was rectified by the producers of Inkigayo by replacing the Kara members with Lee Jongsuk.)

    Chuu's casual fans, who can't really benefit her, will follow her. Those who have the money will think twice before using her, and those who work in the industry, who have to worry about their next jobs all the time , will probably be afraid of crossing the companies who will support BlockBerry, no matter what the merit, just to keep their own singers in line. And there will always be some people remaining, who will believe the official line that she was aggressive, and will never change their minds.

  • That's true..the thing is that BBC barely has any money :pepestare:

    But they are not new companies. They know a lot of people. It is the company which has no money, not the owners who are using a gazillion excuses to not pay their suppliers. They are of upper crust and know a lot of people

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