bypannchoaJuly 06, 2022
    On the 6th, on Twitter's real-time trend, 'boycott Dongyo' appeared in the ranking. This is because the fans issued a statement titled "We ask for feedback from Dongyo" and demanded that the agency Dongyo Entertainment express its position. In this regard, Dongyo Entertainment announced to Maeil Business Star Today that it was "validating" it.

    The fans' statement contains requests for clarification and requests for clarification, which are largely divided into cessation of discrimination on the DKZ official account, active support for [Jaechan's] individual artists' activities, and protection of the artist.

    Fans said, "(On DKZ's official SNS account), you did not upload press releases related to the movie starring Jaechan, but only uploaded and promoted articles about other members' activities. You neglected to promote [Jaechan's] personal advertisements and personal activities. Please stop uploading selective posts and discriminatory promotions by members in the group."

    Also, the OTT Watcha drama 'Semantic Error', which Jaechan appeared in, became such a sensation that the movie 'Semantic Error: The Movie' was quickly announced. Regarding the fact that he was invited to the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, the fans added, "Attending the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival is a meaningful event as an actor, but due to the inexperience of the company in scheduling events, he was unable to attend in the end. We are asking feedback regarding this issue."

    They continued "We express our deep regret for the loss of opportunities gained through the artist's individual abilities due to the agency's negligence, and we demand more active support for future activities." And "Considering the unreasonable enforcement of overseas schedules, which require long flights in dangerous times, the artist's health and safety precautions are insufficient."

    The fans said, "Dongyo Entertainment has a responsibility as an agency and has an obligation to guarantee the rights of its artists. Accordingly, Park Jaechan's fans demand 'quick and sincere feedback from Dongyo Entertainment, not the artist's position'." "Today ( 7/6) If there is no feedback by 2 pm, we express our intention to boycott all future group activities.”

    It seems that Jaechan's absence from the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival had an effect on the fans' hard statements asking for feedback. DKZ is scheduled to appear on the stage of 'K-Expo' held in Sao Paulo, Brazil on the 9th and 10th (local time). Jaechan was invited to the film festival, but had to leave the country without attending the film festival red carpet event for group activities.

    Fans said, "Isn't going to the film festival much more beneficial for himself and the team?", "Even though 'Semantic Error' was a hit, [the company] doesn't promote anything about it", "They didn't even post anything about voting for the Blue Dragon Series Awards until we made a statement", "Park Seoham is also serving in the military, so does it any make sense to that neither of the lead roles in the award show are going?", "It's an opportunity to gain recognition, but instead, he's going to Brazil, where monkey pox is rampant", "Are you giving up on film festivals for free performances on the streets of Brazil?", "I heard that [the group] will take the economy seats for a 50 hours round trip with a layover, is that right?" and "You should send him to the red carpet for the film festival."

    source: https://n.news.naver.com/enter…ow/article/009/0004987620

    original post: here

    1. Frankly, the group wasn't the one that blew big first, but himself. The company should focus on his individual activities if they want the best for him and the group

    2. It's a fact that he's the one who created the buzz in the first place but Dongyo is messing up with this one but I'm also annoyed that the fans are creating such a huge mess and fight within the fandomㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ When those f*cking tiny companies aren't able the manage the sudden rise to fame of a member, they'll just create more akgaes, do they think they're doing the right thing?

    3. Why do they always focus on those trivial schedules? The fans are right to get mad. But the fans have this kind of memory so it won't be easy to stan them moving forward

    4. If you just look at the facts alone, it's indeed a disillusion. But with the fact that there are also trolls who are sticking around, people are calling the fans overreacting

    5. Of course they can be mad but they also sound too entitledㅋㅋ

    6. They shut their mouth when it comes to the government-sponsored event that Brazil is hosting for them, what free streets concerts?

    7. Me too I think they should be attending the Brazil concert, but there are way too many trolls on their official account. I feel for himㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    8. LOONA also had something similar;; The company should be paying more attention when there's one member doing especially well no??

    9. I hope that Jaechan leaves for a better place. The fact that he's getting discriminated against in his own official account.. Seriously pisses me off

    10. Seriously I can see why they consider this discrimination against their member, but they're a group so of course they'll put what they sign up for in their contract first, which is the concert. It's even more funny when they think he's at a different level just because he hit big

    11. But from an idol company's point of view, aren't the group schedules coming before individual schedules? The fans are way too sensitive

    12. The company needs to get at work better... Do they think that anyone can have the opportunity to stand on a red carpet? As an entertainment company, I can't believe that they wouldn't know something like that. I'm another group's fan but even I'm annoyed

    13. Why are people blaming this on akgaes? The fans obviously have the right to be mad

    14. If you know how much Jaechan treasures his group, you shouldn't be saying stuff like 'withdraw' and 'go out' he wants the attention that he received to go towards the group. He's a easily scared kid so please don't use harsh words against him

    15. No but the official account doesn't even RT anything that has to do with Park Jaechan individuallyㅋㅋㅋ Watcha is rather doing a better job promoting him than the company


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