If you saw a celebrity in real life, would you talk to them or pretend not to know them?



    OP: It's not something that happened to me recently but I was laying down on my bed and ruminating and felt annoyed...

    Some months ago, I randomly bumped into a celebrity when I went to Seoul and I pretended like I didn't know them and took a picture and shared it on my SNS. But my friend was accusing me of being unmannerly and nagging me so... It's been a while that I haven't fangirl so I wonder if the culture has changedㅠㅠ

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    1. If they are just doing their private life things, it's indeed better to pretend not to know them. Unless you're a rookie who would be totally happy to have someone recognize you

    2. It's a case by case situation... There are people who like it and there are people who hate it
    > Then I'll just pretend not to know them...

    3. What "manners"..? I feel like my bias would love it if I recognized him in the streets. You don't know if that celebrity likes it or not so it has nothing to do with mannersㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    4. Everyone is different so usually people just pretend like they don't know them... but your friend is being too much

    5. There are celebrities who like to be recognized too

    6. Just like the comments above mention, everyone is different and the celebrity I recognized really liked it

    7. It's not something to nitpick others for. And you shouldn't be ruminating over it. You're friend is just too nosy.

    8. It's not like celebrities have openly expressed that they hate being recognized so it's not something you should worry about so much

    9. I pretend not to know themㅇㅇ

    10. My bias said that they rather people pretend to know them

  • I will not be responsible for the person I become if I see Key infront of me

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  • If I meet them through work, I would be forced to talk to them.

    If it is my day off, I would go about like the celebrity was any other person. If we made eye contact I would eye smile at them and nod.


    "And they escorted her to a prison cell..."


  • depends on where they were and what they were doing...

    context matters...

    walking down the street or causally shopping - maybe I would

    if they were at a restaurant and they seemed to be enjoying a meal with family or friends maybe not

  • I greet them respectfully. Always context is key if they seem obviously busy like on the phone or something i would wait until after they have hung up and maybe I'll approch and just say hello and move on. I always speak lower to them as a courteousy so in the event they were not trying to garner attention. Usually a simple greeting how you would your neighbor and move on. Hardly ever bother with asking for pics or autograph i only ask if they offer or we happened to be in a more private setting say a sidewalk that there's almost nobody on that way if they feel like honoring the request it won't have more attention on them and I only bother with asking if they feel like they have the time. Don't bother with them if they are busy in a rush or carrying around alot of shit.

  • I will not be responsible for the person I become if I see Key infront of me

    Lol if i met key I would say some nonsense joke to him like Taemin does so he looks like yo that dude is weird. I would sa a phrase from taemin song advice and be like key tell ninho i got the keys to his lock. He will go home like wut? Then see Taemin hear the song in passing and go oh shawols are fucking weird 🤣🤣🤣.

    I would tell him to tell Minho i would kick his ass in football ⚽=soccer. But knowing Minho he would probably hunt me down like challenge accepted fool .

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