How many chapters has the longest manga you've ever read?

  • Let me guess Shanks is only 2 minutes in the movie

    And what Kino you talking about :|:|:|

    I'd be lying if I say that. I think he's been there at least 20 minutes in the movie ;-)

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  • IDK how many but I read the manga "Girls Love Twist" wich has 16 books + a extra one titled as number 0

    In case anyone gets it wrong by title here is a small intro

    Hinata is a normal 15 year old girl with a mom, dad, dog and a little brother. She wants to have a boyfriend so she someday decided to go on a date with a cute and very handsome boy called En. She falls in love imediatly and is super happy to have her first boyfriend. On the next day a very cute girl joins her school and all boys fall for her. Hinata has no idea who the new girl is and is confused how the new girl in school got to be the biggest talk and crush of all boy just on the first day. However Hinata later on figures out that the new girl is in fact her boyfriend En. She gets shooked and dosn't understands anything. At first she wonders if it was really him, why would he dress up as girl or was he a girl dressed up as boy as she first met him. She later on talks to him on a date and asks him why he was doing this in school and that she felt uncomfortable.

    En than explains to her that he someday decided to hate boys with a passion. He hates them so deeply that he can't even look at himself dressed up as a boy and therefore allways dresses up as girl. Hinata asked him than why he was dressed up as a male than if he hates it so much as they begun dating and he said he only did it in hope to not scare her away on the first meeting. She was a bit unsure if she could still go out with En when he was dressed up as girl, but she said she was trying it out. But soon she begun to be super pissed all the time since no mather if he was dressed up as boy or as girl all people were constantly thirsting about En.

    There are a few other characters in the manga as for example Hinata's little brother Taiyu who is around 14 years old and somehow ends up with one of En's little brothers called An and he hates it. Taiyu was not ok with having to deal with An, since An is gay and has gotten a crush on Taiyu. He constantly was being mean to An and told Hinata and En to get An off of him cause he was not having it.

    Some other character in the manga are two sets of twins who are friends of En and Hinata who date eachother, where one of the boys is the class-president and both girls allways say they would be able to see ghosts.

    Throught out the manga Hinata has to start to accept that En is crossdessing all the time but has to get used to do it to herself, since someday En broke a window and has to pay for it, but can't so the store owner who's window he broke asks him if he would work in his cafe instead, but of cause dressed up as a man. Hinata is not liking it since En constantly atracks weird people who go to the cafe so she starts dressing up as man since only man are allowed to work there and starts to spy on her boyfriend. He eventually finds out about it and despite hating men he loves how passionate she is for his safity to even do things she normaly wouldn't do, wich includes dressing up as a man.

    In the storyline later on Hinata and En meet a woman who owns a shop and is lesbian, but has differencies with her girlfriend and both have to help them to get back together. Trought this Hinatas little brother realises how much of an asshole he was to An and decides to try becoming friends with him. But it's hard since An said he will try to not tease Tayiu anymore and Taiyu knows that it's hard for An since he has a crush on him.

    One of the side characters is En's mother. She moved to Italy for her work and hasn't seen her family in almost 10 years. However she somehow menaged to come back once and got pregnant from her husband, so her sons En and An, aswell as their other brothers Tan, Ten and Ren were a bit shook to hear the news. Of cause since En really hates men he was hoping so much to get a baby sister (wich he luckly got).

    Another side character is a girl called Naoto who has issues with herself since she is the tallest girl in school and allways felt super loved by what En told her, since he enquraged her a lot. She begun to get delusional and asked Hinata if she could break up with En because she found it unfair how such a loving guy was not dating her, but someone else. At the end Hinata menaged to get Naoto to their senses and realising that she can't just take someone else's boyfriend. Naoto than decided to do her own thing and started to crossdress as a man and however after feeling left out in school people started to apreciate her more after starting to dress up as a man.

    Also all once in a while in the manga it happend that En got a random amnesia and forgot that he actually hates men and stoped dressing up as a woman and even told his friends he would hate to crossdress as a girl and that all things he did together with his girlfriend would be weird. One time his amnesia was even so bad that he forgot that he was dating Hinata and even claimed he would be actually gay wich made Hinata pretty confused so she allways tried to find a way with her friends to get En back to normal, even tho at his first amnesia she said "wow he only wants to be a man who dressed up as a man, I like this" but later on said it was getting annoying to not have him as his normal weird self.

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  • The very first manga that I read was the Shoujo classic: Ouke no Monshou 王家の紋章. It started in 1978 and I read it starting in 1985 and until the late 1990’s but I believe it’s still ongoing!!!!!

    Ghost artist and writers have taken over in all and it’s a mess because the original art was beautiful and interesting re ancient Egypt and nearby kingdoms.

    Ouke no Monshou - Baka-Updates Manga

  • i dropped Naruto in volume 56, so somewhere between 525 to 534 chapter. if you meant manga completed it would be The promised neverland at 181 chapers i believe

  • I'm almost up to date with Berserk which I believe is a little over 350 chapters? Could be more.

    that's cool!

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