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    Hello, first of all, I am a high school classmate from the same class as actor Nam Joohyuk.

    Although I and Nam Joo-hyuk were not particularly close friends, I would like to tell you about the exact facts from my point of view as a classmate.

    Some may think that as someone who was not a close friend, I thought that writing such a post might be too presumptuous or even excessive, but I actually used to be proud to have a celebrity in my class and I wanted to support him. But because they claimed that his school violence was unfounded, it blur truth and lies and I felt compelled to write something because of the malicious reports.

    So, after deep contemplation, I finally decided to write a post. Not only me but everyone will think that swearing, assault, and even bread shuttles are excessive school violence.

    I've never seen anyone in my class order a bread shuttle, nor have I ever seen Nam Joohyuk swearing and assaulting other classmates. Of course, I don't know everything, but if there was school violence or bread shuttle problems in my class in the first place, I think it would've been impossible to not know it from an objective standpoint.

    From my point of view, I think that the contents [being spread around] are definitely false, but making other students pay for the smartphone [data] and using students for sparring were things that happened in our class. Regarding the smartphone payments, there was an incident where a student in my class paid with the homeroom teacher's cell phone. No one, including Nam Joohyuk, took part, and I still remember it because that person crossed the line with what they did.

    And, I think everyone knows about WWE Pro Wrestling. As students who were very energetic, we sometimes played in the back of the class during breaks and lunches, not doing professional wrestling, but bumping into our bodies. If forming a ring to hold sparring fights in our class was a thing, that's something I don't remember. If so, nobody took the initiative to do it and it was just a one on one thing.

    After reading the articles, I believe that the above facts were maliciously twisted and reported. As someone from his class, his friends, the parents, even his girlfriend, I've tried asking them about it. They can confidently say that these are all false. Regarding the smartphone data and the sparring, they couldn't deny because it never even happened.

    However, I thought that if even I, who knew all the facts, did not say anything and just let it slide, I would be just a bystander who buried the facts.

    Again, I'm writing this post to talk about the fact that the articles have blurred the truth and lies in a malicious way.

    I want to talk about other incidents mentioned too, but I don't have the exact circumstances, so I'm not going to talk about it myself. I'm writing down what I know from Nam Joohyuk myself. Thank you for reading

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    1. [+214, -125]
    Who knows. Maybe because your vision of him was a flower bed, you would never know that your classmates were bullied by the same person many times when they were in the second grade of middle school. I was taken aback by the fact that everyone said that the people in the class were all innocent and quiet. It's because the victims and that male actor were handling things with the police and trying to bury it down. You were in the same class and you're claiming that you've never seen it, but it doesn't mean that all this was 'false'

    2. [+170, -180]
    That's low of you Joohyuk-ah

    3. [+132, -90]
    [OP] I'm seriously even more inclined to believe Nam Joohyuk in this situationㅋㅋㅋ.. People who read the first article would know. They keep changing their words and it's better to stay neutral. If you read the article, the first informant's friend is the new informant. They said that they suffered from school violence for 6 years, but the first informant switched words to say that actually, it was his friend who got bullied and they switched from 6 years to 2 years. They also removed the content about how they visited the therapist and said they have ADHD... But the additional informant claims that the first informant was the one getting bullied and that even his mother said that he got bullied...

    First informant: got bullied for 6 years in high school and is attending therapy right now. He was a bread shuttle. Nam Joohyuk cut in line during lunch, he threw pens at him

    Netizens: But Nam Joohyuk transferred to Busan's Suwon in middle school, how did you get bullied for 6 years?

    First informant: Ah actually I wasn't the one getting bullied, it was my friendㅠㅠ I went to high school for 2 years and I was in his class

    Netizens: But you went to therapy because of school violence?

    First informant: (suddenly removes the mention of therapy)

    First informant's friend: I was the one getting bullied by Nam Joohyuk, he used my phone at his will, he forced me to keep my hot spot opened. I also acted like sparring for him and I was the bread shuttle

    First informant's mother: My son is still living in despair because of the school violence

    Netizens: But the first informant said he wasn't the one getting bullied?

    4. [+96, 2-5]
    It's not that the truth and the lies were blurred, it was completely fabricated???

    5. [+79, -44]
    But even Kim Garam had friends~~


    original post: here

    1. But it's true that someone committed the smartphone and the sparring incident, and that person isn't Nam Joohyuk, so how does OP know? OP claims he doesn't consider it being bullying, but it can still be bullying to the victim though...

    2. But you can easily make the weak kids fight at the back of the class and claim they're just picking fights between each other?
    And OP also isn't refuting the fact that the Nam Joohyuk forced people to keep their phone's hot spot opened and that he was going around with the informant's phoen though?

    3. But what the informant said were all true no? And OP himself claims that he doesn't know everythingㅋㅋㅋ I don't even know that the post is trying to claim

    4. But the post talks about nothing? OP himself doesn't even see to know what's real or not

    5. Of course you can't know everything. But you know that the smartphone and the sparring did happen in the class. But somehow, because nobody is talking about it, you cannot deny that it happened or not.
    You just revealed that everything the victim said was indeed true, and that some people was just not aware of it no?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    6. You said it yourself that the smartphone and the sparring did happen though?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    7. But even OP who supposedly isn't close to Nam Joohyuk knows that these incidents happened in the class?

    8. Looks like OP is selling Nam Joohyuk out though

    9. OP first claims that it's obvious he can't know everything, but he also claims that it's impossible for him to now know from an objective standpoint??????????

    10. So it's true


    "+8: Even if it was just a joke, it's just rude and it's crossing the lineㅋㅋ
    +3: Nam Joohyuk has no manners. It's my first time seeing someone like him. I'm just appalled
    +20: Can you even say something like this to Suzy...?ㅜ...
    +29: 4:14
    - ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ No but why would he mention fermented skate out of a sudden?!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

    (T/N: article talks about his bullying accusations and summarizes the scene below)

    Nam Joohyuk (NJH): What did you eat?

    Suzy (SZ): Noodles


    SZ: Do I smell like noodles? Why are you asking?ㅋㅋ

    NJH: You don't smell the fermented skate? (Suzy hit him with her palm)

    SZ: Did you eat fermented skate?ㅋㅋ

    NJH: Nono

    NJH: I ate noodles

    SZ: Why would you ask me if I ate fermented skate after the kiss scene?ㅋㅋ


    original post: here

    1. Even if it was a joke, it just ruins the moodㅡㅡ

    2. F*cking so-so

    3. It's indeed rude to ask what a person ate after kissing them... It's a question that can be misunderstood so why even ask it?

    4. What "forced hate"? This is the first time I see someone asking a female actress what they ate after a kiss scene

    5. Suzy let it slide so nicely. Why even ask such question?

    6. Even if it was a joke, it still looks rude. Have you not watched the movie 'Parasite'? Just talking about smell is a sensitive topic already. So it's not something to joke about

    7. As soon as I saw it, I wondered what kind of ilbe-bug joke was this. Just why would he say "fermented skate" out of all the foods out there? If you claim that this is related to Suzy's hometown, you're just being tonedeaf

    8. No manners

    9. The timing of this? makes it seem like it was indeed unnecessary

    10. Who would even mention 'fermented skate' after a kiss scene? Asking such thing is f*cking rude

    11. But seeing the screenshots, it seemed like he asked himself if he smelled like fermented skate though?

    12. Even if he thought of Suzy's hometown when asking that, just don't even ask about it


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