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    My s/o got me into Opeth lately :black-heart:

    If they're going to a) actually escape the YG dungeon and debut and b) get a fresh song and not the Teddy recycled trash special, I don't see them flopping at all.

    YG might not be what it once was, that's true, but people are always going to keep an eye on debuts, and if they manage to come up with something fresh, I think they'll manage to get some attention. Will they manage to keep said attention on them? Well, I'm not awfully optimistic since we are talking about YG here.

    I don't think the changes make much sense. I also don't think the staff's response regarding people's concerns was very good.

    The fact that netizen content is merged with news and releases is a bit of a mess in my opinion. Netizen content has nothing to do with news most of the time; it's just people giving their opinions on what not, and having them together makes navigating the forum way harder than it should be.

    While I agree that some sub-forums weren't the most active, I think smushing everything in one place is counterintuitive. Structure is good. I am especially saying this in regards to artists and comeback threads. I don't think guilds can really replace these threads considering we don't have guilds for every group and soloist there is. Giving up structure for the sake on activity is going to make finding actual useful content and information among countless 'this group that hasn't even debuted is the worst' threads so much harder.

    About the spam, I don't really get it. Maybe not everyone sees it this way but for me the whole point of the forum (especially if you compare it to other forums) is the reward systems. I'm not going to be delusional and pretend that nobody is here for the sake of interacting with others and having meaningful conversations, but not everyone is. Some users are in for the badges and pretty aesthetics and I think that's okay, especially since to get them they have to participate in conversations. In a way, the reward systems promotes interaction. That's precisely why I'm rather ambivalent about this measure: on the one hand, spam is not meaningful interaction, but on the other, it feels rather weird to try and prevent the very thing that drives a great part of the userbase. I don't think people are going to stop spamming and start writing essays, because this doesn't bring akorns. The people that are here for the discussions aren't going to be affected and the people that are going to be affected because it will take more than an akorn emoji to get their new badge are probably not going to bother anymore. And before you come for me, this is not a slander; I myself admit that one of the main reasons I am on AKP and not on other K-Pop forums is the aesthetic and the badges and everything else. My point is: I feel like this decision wasn't taken with the forum's specific in mind.

    Lastly, I think a forum in which moderators can't answer the very simple question of what is spam and what isn't is not a well moderated forum. Guidelines should be put in place and every user should know what spam is and how to avoid it. Otherwise you run into a couple problems: what is considered spam today will not be considered so tomorrow, or worse, since there are no guidelines every moderator will do their job based on their own definition of spam which might be very different from the next one's. Kataphract made some good points regarding this and to my surprise, they were barely acknowledged. The response was something along the lines of 'every case is different' which yeah, this is how life works, but if anything, this is the exact reason why you should have clear guidelines in place. Otherwise, these very similar but distinct enough cases might be treated differently and unfairly.