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    The 'Idol Star Athletics Championships' has been revived.

    According to a report on SportTVNews on the 11th, MBC 'IAC' will be recorded for two days on July 30th and August 1st.

    'IAC' is MBC's filial piety program that has been receiving love by viewers every holidays season. It was broadcast every year as a Chuseok special and a Lunar New Year special, but as the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) intensified, it actually went into a hiatus after the '2020 Lunar New Year Special'.

    This time, 'IAC' will be held as a Chuseok special. It will be the first time in about two years since the '2020 Chuseok Special'. At that time, all indoor events were abolished and only sports and agility that could be held outdoors on a small scale were organized.

    After about two years of splendid revival, 'IAC' records various sports, including futsal, over two days. The recording on the 30th will be held at the public hall of the MBC new building in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, and the recording on the 1st of August will be held at the Goyang Gymnasium.

    'IAC' is a program where idols compete in various sports events. With the birth of stars every year, expectations are growing as to which idol stars will play a major role this year.

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    1. Wow I hope my bias won't show up

    2. Who decided to revive this?

    3. Nobody is welcoming this though

    4. Oh what a relief that my bias will be doing their concert at that time, nice!

    5. Please can we just do an e-sport version?

    6. Ah I bet my bias will be there

    7. I really hope my bias won't show up. They're already breaking their bodies to prepare for their upcoming concerts

    8. Please don't do dangerous sports or the ones that can hurt you...ㅜ Those people's bodies are important

    9. I'm not a fan of anyone, but I feel like there were lots of kids who got hurt there?

    10. Do these have high viewers scores usually?


    (t/n: paraphrased)

    Infinite Nam Woohyun
    - The worst injury on IAC was Nam Woohyun
    - During 2014 futsal, he hurt his left shoulder
    - The program's side said that 'it was a relief it wasn't a big injury' but it was actually serious
    - Because of the torn ligament, it took 4 weeks to heal
    - He couldn't use his left arm at all during Last Romeo
    - Due to the cartilage ripping, his shoulder barely has any cartilage left

    BTS Jin
    - During the Chuseok special of 2016's futsal
    - He had a nosebleed injury because of a collision with the other team's athlete
    - It wasn't a severe injury so it ended with just a scratch
    - To not worry the fans, Jin kept smiling and posting selcas on BTS' Twitter

    VIXX Leo
    - He sustained 2 big injuries during IAC
    - The first one was during 2013, he got tackled by the opposite team, sprained his ankle and took 6 weeks to recover
    - The 2nd one was in 2016, just like Jin, he was participating in the futsal and injured his nose too
    - At that time, VIXX has just made a comeback, but due to his injury, he couldn't participate in music shows' promotions

    Seventeen Jeonghan
    - During 2018 IAC
    - He fell during a race and hurt his hand.
    - He was seen standing in front of the fans with bandages on his hands
    - There were lots of injuries at IAC on that day specifically because the lanes were made out of slippery materials
    - There was also Oh My Girl Mimi, WJSN Bona, Imfact Woongjae and Astro Cha Eunwoo who got into accidents

    EXO Xiumin
    - During 2016 IAC, during mixed martial arts, he fell after a collision with another athlete
    - He was assisted out of the stadium at that time worying all the fans
    - Xiumin's right knee was bruised but luckily nothing happened to his bones

    GOT7 Jackson
    - Like VIXX Leo, he got hurt twice during IAC
    - During 2015's IAC, during the race, he got hurt with his member Jinyuong on the arm and the leg and was seen with a cast after
    - He had to wear his cast in overseas promotions
    - At that time, Mark's father seeing Jinyound and Jackson's state went on SNS and said 'because of IAC, they could've ended GOT7's career'

    Sistar Bora

    - During the early days of IAC in 2013, in the 70m race
    - Because she started late in the race, she raised her speed in the last moment and was able to arrive #1 but the acceleration caused a big fall and she wasn't able to get up
    - The other members helped her up and brought her back to the waiting room

    Shinee Minho
    - During 2013 IAC
    - Minho participated in the hurdles with great enthusiasm and desire to win
    - In one of the hurdles, he fell hard
    - He later complained about a pain in his lower back

    AOA Seolhyun
    - During 2014 IAC, she was practicing curling and hurt her knee by hitting against a stone
    - She had to take an ambulance and go to the hospital
    - She had to receive treatment for 6 weeks
    - In the end, Seolhyun wasn't able to participate in the promotion for Mini Skirt

    Mamamoo Moonbyul

    - During 2015 IAC, she was running and right in front of the finishing line, she tripped and hurt her chin
    - Luckily, she was just left with a scratch
    - She was able to return to shooting right after

    original post: here

    1. Is this just so that the idols can exchange numbers with each other?

    2. Idols put in so many hours of training for this just to appear 5 minutes on broadcast

    3. F*ck just thinking back about Woohyun, I'm upset to deathㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠ

    4. Just thinking about the fact that Woohyun could've never been able to promote again pisses me offㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    5. They half-ass the way they build those 'gymnasiums' and they don't even have medical teams onsite..

    6. Jinㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ He released a selca telling fans to not worry about him, that he was fine and to trust him. Was it at that time?ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    7. They shoot for an entire day and some don't even have a screentime

    8. F*ck I f*cking hate seeing my brats get power tripped by MBC f*ckers, every time they come on broadcast, they get power tripped

    9. The fans are all boycotting this, do you think we're that easy MBC?

    10. My bias even wore a cast because of this... F*ck just seeing this annoys me


    let us gather around for the lord’s prayer:

    Nævis we love you. You are the one who protected me when i was in trouble. MY victory, one SYNK DIVE. I know your sacrifices. Let’s meet surely after the resurrection.



  • This is what I was talking about.

    I don't get why everybody was all up and cheering about IAC coming back

    IAC aint never do a good thing to a single idol. That series is a blight.


    Yeah because it's better to i jury ankle, knee, back, shoulder, elbow, wrist or neck in the basement of company building...

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  • ?

    Yeah because it's better to i jury ankle, knee, back, shoulder, elbow, wrist or neck in the basement of company building...

    I don't get your point. They're idols. If they get injured while practicing (miniscule chance of that) it's part of the job. Getting injured at the ISAC (which happens a lot.) does nothing for them. The series doesn't bolster Idol recognition and they compete just to satisfy MBC's nonsense rather than for any particular benefit to the groups participating.

    Add the long film times and the scandals that can draw their origins to it... ISAC is a program for bums.

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