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    SD is mentioned in Gallup polls tho? And the lyrics are recognized across multiple age groups? Calling a song the continues to chart in the top 50 for years after release a "minor hit" compared to other songs that don't have the same performance is ridiculous.

    Didnt Cheer Up enter gallup as well?

    Also i like how out of my entire post you just pointed out that, must mean im right ^^

    What i said is that it perfoms like a minor hit that lasts forever, as it even enter melon top 20 for longer than a few months?

    It has the longevity, but it certainly did not mark and reach as much people as songs who topped charts for months like LS D4 Dynamite or CU

    As a TWICE fan, this may come off as biased but i do not think Spring Day is bigger than Cheer Up.

    Spring Day is called the biggest national hit cause of its longevity but they're was never any craze around it.

    You dont have grandmas dancing to it like they did for Dynamite or Cheer Up.

    I think Cheer Up, Love Scenario, Dynamite and even to a certain extend D4 are all bigger than Spring Day because the song marked people and was crazy viral. For me it seems like Spring Day is just a hit. There's nothing about it that stands out.

    Spring Day is like a minor hit that lasts forever in the top 40 wherehas other songs i mentionned topped the charts for months and are known by far more people than songs who stay in top 40.

    Im ready to bet money that if you were to survey people on the streets, they'd remember Cheer Up, LS, D4 and Dynamite more than SD. Even if SD charted 3x times longer than thoses songs, im sure people would recognize a "Shy Shy Shy" or a "Hit you with that D4" more than SD

    Love Scenario and CU are still mentionned in variety shows frequently.

    Longevity is overrated. A song barely entering top 10 but having 50 weeks+ is not a bigger hit than a song with a huge start and loads of paks

    I dont think cfm charted under bubbling I see nothing

    dont itzy has better spotify streams thant twice? if itzy chart we could see how twice could do

    both can reach bb200 btw, its super easy and even loona got there

    about itzy, their teasers arent really trending in yt korea, I know they are short but so are from other groups and they tend to trend so idk how they will do in korea

    no they dont, it always depends on the quality of the releases but twice songs do better in general on spotify. I cant stop me is catching up really quickly to Wannabe.

    Twice will chart on BB hot100 for sure this round. They have been gaining streams from US and chance are if they go with something that isnt cute, the west gonna react positively to it.

    But i do think they are going DTNA style since it is a summer release. DTNA is their best performing song after Cheer Up

    They definetly have a big chance, will be interesting and yes DTNA is by far their 2nd best perfoming song in SK, going with a song like this could hit big.

    About TWICE, it seems like they're going back to a bright summer concept(a la DTNA) so they could actually do well. I believe ICSM was a major underperformance mainly because of their concept change, if they return to a bright concept then there's a chance they could be a force again with the right song and promotion.

    Not to mention this has been one of, if not, their longest hiatus since FS-M&M, so clearly there's some hype. At the end of the day, it depends on the song. We all saw how Red Velvet had 3 back to back underperformances, but then became a force again with Psycho.

    ICSM is their best perfoming song since Fancy, a bright concept like fancy could hit really big.

    Also this is their second longest hiatus cause FS was in september and ICSM was in october.

    This may be a reach, but icsm being their biggest song internationally so far, twice have a shot at hot 100 or at least bubbling under. (Cry for me with no mv was like 12th on bubbling under). We saw how Dynamite rose after the #1 news and it could happend again with Twice if they enter.

    The options seem to be well received for a brief period then quickly falling off and ultimately being unmemorable, or poorly received and struggling to stay on the chart. If they do anything besides that, it will be their best performance in over 2 years.

    im thinking a fancy type of performance is possible but with a good song and rather good promotion (variety show)

    Correct me if im wrong, ICSM initially didnt reach that ULs. It only started to rise after promotion and eventually reached 250k. So in my opinion, it might not chart well initially which will be bad for them IF there's heavy competition like now. People have so many songs to check on and listen to. The viral songs and digimon will have the advantage

    i understand but its a reach lol, lets just wait for the song to be released before making complicated predictions. Teasers should give us a good idea of the concept and this can help us to get an idea on how it will chart.

    I think it highly depends on competition.

    If there are big names / digimons releasing around same time, dont think Twice can make it to top10.

    Like now, i dont think Twice stands a chance at top10, not even top20

    You shouldnt underrate twice that much. ICSM peaked with 250k uls at a time where ULs were extremely low.

    Having 250k right now would make them 11th on Melon and considering ULs in general are higher rn, they could reach around 280k and chart top 8.

    Thinking they dont hold a chance at top 20 is riddiculous honestly

    im curious of how twice's comeback wilk chart.

    Assuming i'll have the begging m&m had (both after a long hiatus, in summer) and thats its an actually good song i think it can do very well.

    Icsm just left melon top 100 after 25- 26 weeks (?) which is not bad and just shy of WIL longevity

    Hoping they pull a dtna rather than a m&m both on charts and music wise!

    I don't always take album sales to be a measure of fandom in SK. A lot of album sales come from outside. But gidle does have a good enough fanbase both in Korea and outside. Even last year in award show voting they had high votes.

    yup and Hwaa has 68k which is 10k more than ICSM

    Global 200 (Those in red are still charting)

    1. Dynamite - 31 weeks (since chart creation)
    2. HYLT/Baby Shark - 30 weeks (HYLT dropped off last week and re-charted this week)
    3. Life Goes On - 20 weeks
    4. I Can’t Stop Me - 15 weeks
    5. Ice Cream/Lovesick Girls - 14 weeks
    6. Boy With Luv - 8 weeks

    Global 200 Excl US (Those in red are still charting)

    1. Dynamite/HYLT - 31 weeks (since chart creation)
    2. Baby Shark - 30 weeks
    3. Boy With Luv - 28 weeks
    4. Lovesick Girls - 25 weeks
    5. I Can’t Stop Me - 23 weeks
    6. Ice Cream - 22 weeks
    7. Life Goes On - 20 weeks


    Suprised ICSM did better in the US than LSG if we base ourselves from global 200

    Female soloist (not including IU ofc) are doing really bad right now except for Rosé.

    Wendy is out of top 100, Wheein is in top 90 and all signs points to her falling today, Sumni is already at 88 and Jessi at 79. Despite entering top 10, Hyuna is already at 74...

    Joy started of well but fell 10 spots in like 4 hours, Rosé is the only one saving the batch.

    Maria seems to have stabilized in the top 80, im excited to see if she'll manage to chart for a whole year.

    Not Joy's new OST smashing lmao

    I believe her previous OST 'Introduce Me A Good Person' was one of the best performing OSTs last year. This one is an OST for a pretty popular mention, so I'm not surprised it's doing well.

    Most of the webtoon OSTs tend to either have horrible longevity(look at Lee Hi for example) or do really well longevity wise(look at Love Day, Slightly Tipsy, etc).

    Actually interested to see if Joy will have another hit OST on her hands, this one literally FLEW up to #36(which is where it's at right now).

    It keeps falling every update, hoping i'll stabilize like Jessi did after falling a lot.

    I wonder why davichi is doing so well but acts like akmu, epik high etc flopped? Guess people really weren't vibing with new music at one point.

    no promotion maybe? not sure, we saw songs rise by a lot despite falling a lot on the 2nd day like ICSM for example. The difference is that instead of rising back with promotions, they kept falling.

    still so suprised how Jannabi, Paul Kim, Akmu, epik high all flopped terrribly