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    It also has to do with marketing imo. I think the pandemic messed up Yuehua's plans cause from my perspective they were trying to push them into the "western" Kpop market especially with the NA tour but due to the pandemic plans were cut and I guess they had to focus on Korea.

    That said, Yuehua are horrible at marketing everglow. They only have Sihyeon being pushed as an MC in Kr while the others do nothing when they actually have Yiren who can be pushed in China. They are taking a big 4 approach with Everglow when they are a nugu level company in Korea even with all their resources. If EG were from any of the big 4, their approach would have easily worked with how solid (top 3 imo) their Discography is among 4th gen GGs and well rounded they are as a group.

    It's so bizarre a group that arguably has 3 top tier level (Subjective) visuals in Sihyeon, Aisha and Yiren; two Ace level talents in E:U and Mia can't even utilize that to their advantage. Also they need to make a decision and start pushing them fully in either one of China, KR or the "West" (start with those generic YouTube channels every Kpop idol goes to when promoting to the English market) or all three.

    Anyway I think it mainly is caused by the marketing and promotion of EG. If you aren't from the Big 4, you have to take the approach of carving out a niche market (monsta x & dream catcher), pushing members through variety content to get the Korean gp to follow (OMG, StayC) or going viral (Brave girls, Loona with the meme virality). Ofcourse there are cases of groups breaking through solely based on their music ((G)-Idle, Mamamoo(?)) but they still put in the effort to maintain it through promotions and marketing.

    They are back! I love the choreo and the MV was shot well although maybe some background choices could have been better.

    Song is alright on first listen, I like it. The Aisha x EU (She's definitely a top 3 idol rapper in 4th gen GG) rap was good! Sihyeon came through on her part, Onda finally got a dance break, Yiren did good on her parts and my girl Mia impresses as always. Time to listen to the other songs.

    It's a decent song, I guess the beat switch was aiming for something like sicko mode but it definitely missed the mark. The girls came through on their parts, I liked Giselle on the rap parts and winter's parts after the switch.

    It was a bit weird having Karina and Giselle both split the rap since they have been heavily pushing Giselle as the 'rapper' and it definitely seems Giselle is the 'rapper but I just felt like she got cut off when she was in her zone after the switch.

    The beat switch wasn't it though, should have just given them 2 songs.

    This will be a grower but might have a polarizing reception, I like the song for what it's trying to do. The MV was really good and I liked the choreo.

    Will watch it later but from the comments and snippets I have seen, I'm not surprised about what the members are saying.

    I never saw so much "hostility" against arguably the most talented member of a group as I saw with the Mia situation, it is/was so absurd she went from having the top 3 most watched and liked fan cams/tweets to the bottom 2 and what made it disheartening was it came from a part of her fan base and a lot of antis.

    I understood about the line distribution even though my opinion is doing what gives the best music even if it means an unfair distribution sometimes but it was something else seeing a strong pushback against the Main Singer & (joint)Main Dancer which led to the development of solo stans/akgaes situation.

    I'm glad things seem to be getting better like Onda getting more shine and their line distribution getting "fairer" but I hope Mia never loses her confidence but Yueha needs to protect them better.

    I absolutely love this and SM pulled out the damn budget. This is amazing!! My only question left is how will the music fit into all these or meet the expectations of such concept? This honestly might potentially be bigger than the music but I'm certainly interested to see what SM has in store.

    Their old digital distributor was 1thK, but for Everglow's, they changed it Stone Music. I believe the reason behind the change has to do with Mnet ( particularly KCON and the other programs they run).

    I see, being with 1thek could have helped alot currently considering how huge of a platform they seem to be in getting put on to the SoKor audience.

    I hope this comeback can make a significant amount of progress in the SoKor market for them.

    Great video, Choreo is really good as expected of Itzy. The song on the other hand might be a bit too experimental for Itzy, not sure what JYP was thinking when he chose this as the TT.

    That said it's really catchy at some parts but it will be a polarizing song for sure, some of the b-sides would have served better as the TT imo.

    Shoot was arranged and composed by Europeans. 1 of European composer wrote for Little Mix, Olly Murs, Machine Gun Kelly, Hailee Steinfeld, The Wanted, Cheryl Cole, and Fifth Harmony.

    Again, The reason why Shoot, Kidding Me and Tennis were not chosen as TT is because Jay Why Pee wants his money. I really hate that old hag.

    Ohhh yeah, he was the composer or producer of. Mafia loool. Hope it doesn't limit their success this comeback though because I feel if one of those 3 mentioned were the TT, they might perform better since they sound more catchy but can't tell till we hear the full songs