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    if you dont think all these kpop groups concepts with teen members dancing and singing songs with very clear sexual innuendos are not in some way catered to creep old man, you're delusional. and yes, that includes what source music has been doing with lsrfm. sometimes yall forget what industry you're stanning and the fact that you downplay how fcked up was that cookie song, how mhj has constantly sexualized teen idols during her career and are trying to make excuses for it, it's even worse. but i think this industry with all its controversies throughout the years has made fans somehow numb to these scandals, people just got used to it. so your reactions dont really surprise me, tbh it's kinda expected

    this is purely her artistic vision, let her be. some of the greatest songs and music i've ever listened to are under the 3 minutes mark, it has nothing to do with the lenght of a record, but rather the artistic process and reason behind it and how the context we're living it forces artists to release music short enough to not "bore" their audience. i think that now, people are being used to consume things at a very rapid pace, no time to enjoy and appreciate art, we lose our ability to concentrate, to enjoy one thing at a time and that's what is destroying us as people and also our creations

    Mhj must really be something, its crazy impressive how so many well reputed people coming out and openly speaking in support of mhj even though they are potentially put themselves and their careers at risk by going against the hybe.

    There must be some reason for this level of loyality that people have towards mhj, if she really was some crazy abusive toxic witch like how hybe tried portraying her to be, people wouldn't be going to this extent to support her.

    a lot of abusers in hollywood are supported by their also famous and successful celebrities friends, that doesnt mean sht. people are not 2d characters who act the same with everyone they know. and i cant believe there's people who are defending this woman, isnt what she did to shinee enough?

    people are creating so much conspiracy theories when in reality and as i said in the digital thread, these numbers are the result of a dull and uninspiring comeback, a song purely to promote a brand (which is being boycotted right now), a song released a month later than its mv, and a sound similitar to what we're used from them with no stunning concept or mv to make up for the lack of promotion or repetitive sound

    This njs release has proved a lot of things:

    First of all, their company lack of effort in building up hype for their songs and expecting social media and playlist to do their job

    Which brings me to my next point. Unlike their last album where they released stunning teasers and enigmatic videos, this feels dull and how sweet looking like a zerox2 (song made to promote a brand) doesnt help either, there's no fairies, or angels, or greek myths or witty lyrics to make their songs look more interesting

    They lack a solid international fanbase. This scandal could have helped them build a stronger and hardcore fanbase but it doesnt seem to be the case

    I dont think this is the result of no "hybe payola" but just a boring comeback, with little to nothing remarkable and songs that despite being good, are more of the same sound we've already listened from them. i think they will do better when they comeback with an album release

    no nwjns member actually stand out because the group was meant to be seen collectively and not as individuals, that's why they debuted with similar hairstyles and unlike most groups they don't dye their hair often, their youth and genz persona is what the public likes and unless their ceo knows how to keep the public attention and change their image once they get older i dont think they will be a long lasting group but maybe im just being too pessimistic

    They lost it due to seniority more than anything else.

    But the fact they had to give NewJeans ZERO judge points to make that happen is absurd.

    Just give the most deserving group the award. Imagine if the Oscars or Grammies handled on who's been in the industry the longest

    that's what the oscars literally do, though? young actors are rarely awarded for the main categories since the academy leans towards the older and "more experienced" actors, very often awards are not about the performance they're nominated for but their career and how it was long due for them, a recent example is gary oldman and timothee chalamet, both nominated for best actor, even though the two of them did a great performance, critics and experts were sure gary was going to win not exactly because he was better in his characterization of churchill but because he had a drastic physical transformation and after such a long career he finally deserved to win so yes, seniority can be an important factor when it comes to judge decisions to award someone

    this is actually wrong, bangtan was already miles ahead of any other group in terms of international success after dna release and their two cbs in 2018, fake love that got paks and became the first korean song in billboard top #10 and love yourself breaking album records cleared out any doubt about competition, exo comeback with tempo just confirmed. im not trying to downplay their success or potential but they were not comparable with bts in 2018 because a lot of reasons, including of course sm known history of mismanagement

    What's impressive is how balanced his streams are, his numbers in latin america and asia are huge, most western artists wish they could get these numbers from all over the world and not just from north america and few other european countries

    youtube views for music acts, even korean ones, are decreasing, not even blackpink or bts are getting a huge amount of views anymore so wannabe record is safe for now, in the case of spotify, groups are getting more streams, even more than youtube and as we could see, itzy is not doing well in spotify which means their music isnt popular with the public or fans anymore

    well, ive and lsrfm are getting those japanese certifications cause their songs are popular there and they have good stats

    the only thing wannabe has is time, since is older than the rest of songs it has better streams but not for long