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    not really, if they had a huge hit, things might be different, Ikon at their debut, got alot of support because of it for example (giving them as example since they are big3 group)

    with nct, they were pushed too much without hit, it didnt help taeyong's issue happened too. Even now, most positive reactions are towards Mark and Jaehyun

    I think is pretty clear that NCT's music direction was far from the GP since the start though, they always went for the fandom route, but I kind of understand these knets are coming from an era where charting for idol groups was far more important and indicated how successfull the group was, but things have changed.

    to my knowledge i remember knetz mentioning their very strong push and protection article wise, as well as variety show thing which to my knowledge barely any sm group has one

    I remember the 8000 articles hating on them and Taeyong since predebut as well so if that's protection do not want it, about variety shows... Emmmm... NCT Life? Idk, knets will bash any new group, specially if it's from SM though.

    thats what im saying tho, with amount of effort sm puts, the way they didnt hit it off right from the start made knetz belittle them. ofc the reason tehy didnt hit it off was because of concept too, at least partially

    Yeah but it's like people always mention this big push they received from the start which I fail to see, they had a lot of comebacks because they are divided on units but idk their MVs weren't even that expensive and SM barely promoted them outside Korea or gave them expensive comebacks until 2018.

    Their fandom is smaller than expected considering they are an SM group. Since SM groups usually catch a big fanbase from the very start, i guess since this time it didnt happen, knetz think like this?

    Their fandom is not small for SM standards at all rn, it's true that at debut and for the first like 2 years the fandom wasn't that big but It makes sense for the confusing and offputting concept they had and the music direction they were going, those comments are from 2019 or so though, when SuperM was formed, even LSM said that NCT would start to really work out at like the 4th year and... Well, 2020 happened.