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  • Sis I miss you :(

  • Lighterrrrrr get back on pls

  • Lighterrrr where are you? :((


    Welcome back lol

  • Yo yo

  • Your Sig and my DP is similar

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  • Do you remember me

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  • Me, when I was sitting in the back seat and couldn't see the writing on the blackboard.


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    • i want him to shout me like this once in my life, king do it i will love every second

      also i wear thick ass glasses, im literally blind T^T rip

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  • monbebe x carat best duo xoxo btw lighter do u remember digi? digiwon lmao idk if u do but that's me ^^ i remember u as the ultimate hoshi stan and a future successful lawyer

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    • omg HELLO!! i didnt knew you were here too!! im easy to find im not creative at all with names... TAT

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    • lmao i actually thought about making an account here with the same username but i wanted a clean start || too many embarrassing things from my oh era

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    • same, i have an embarrassing era everywhere on internet now and worst thing is i have SAME NAME EVERYWHERE TAT

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  • follow me back, here's the gif


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  • Why you unfollow me? :(

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    • omg i didnt o.o ??? i just entered the account, i guess it was a website issue ;-;

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    • Yeay, you follow me back 🤝

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    • why would i unfollow you out of everyone that would be so weird T^T

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    • I was wondering that one too (〒﹏〒)

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  • Hoshi Smile GIF - Hoshi Smile Heart - Discover & Share GIFs

    well at least sending gifs still work

    can't resize though

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    • omg my poor unprepared heart TATdid you had to attack THAT strong rip me

      you get this

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      Through the activation of external content, you agree that personal data may be transferred to third party platforms. We have provided more information on this in our privacy policy.

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    • It's one of my favourite gifs, I use it everywhere I can

      spreading the joy of Hoshi

      we stan a legend

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    • my absolute fave is this T^T its like... too uwu


      like this ? Devastation.

      I agree tho, grey hair hoshi was a cultural reset, a moment in history, peak of humanity, and we would like it happen AGAIN PLS

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    • who allowed him to be so adorable TT

      Hoshi himself is the peak of humanity we stan a cultural icon

      I agree grey hair hoshi for 2021

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    • idk i cant look at that gif for too long, it awakes every maternal feeling i have in my existence and gives me baby fever somehow lik tf T^T

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  • Thanks for the follow XD

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  • Love 1

      I saw my notifications suddenly INCREASE I KNEW YOU CAME LOL :D :D :D

      wbk baby girl <3

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    • Yeay <3

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    • Lol, I accidentally block you when I tried to follow you lol :D

    • omg there is a block action?? i already know who to block now

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    • Cute DP UwU

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    You came. And brought Hoshi.


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    • I DID T^T I even made a hoshi thread EYY who knows how active it will be tho....

      im not struggling the find my friends luckily you posted about OMG right when i came ;(

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    • It's like we all got dropped in the forest after being kidnapped.

      Now everyone's looking for each other and trying to survive.


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    • ngl not too wrong of a description i feel like im suddenly left alone in a huge themeless forest trying to find easier way to understand reactions TAT

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  • I just came here to say your dp made me laugh

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  • I forgot we had a revamp... I whoever tried to talk with me can see this TAT

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