[COMPLETE] HAYEON x AKP Red Carpet Q&A Event!

  • Hello Hayeon, thanks for holding this QnA session in addition to the live performance and meet-and-greet you have planned for us. I'm glad I found your music and I am looking forward to keeping up with what you have in store for us. I'll list a few questions that come to my mind, and edit the post if I have any more. Feel free to not answer the ones you don't wish to of course, I hope they're not too intrusive or rude.

    1. How do you and your company use A.I. in your music, and does it impact your music a lot?
      • To clarify, is the beat purely made from A.I.? Is the beat inspired by A.I.? What about the lyrics?
    2. What are some challenges you faced and overcame prior to debuting?
    3. What are some challenges you are working on overcoming currently?
    4. Is there a concept you would like to try next?
    5. Who are some people or artists that you look up to?
      • Who inspired you to be who you are today as a person or as an artist?
    6. If you could collab with any artist, who would it be and why?
      • Bonus points if you give one Western and one Korean artist
    7. Is there a particular reason you signed with A.I.M Enterarts?
      • Did you audition for SM?
    8. Did Taeyeon help you in debuting and becoming an artist? If so, how?
      • Did she give you any tips on becoming an artist? Whether it's pointers for shooting the music videos, singing, dealing with people, how to involve yourself in the industry?
    9. Have you and Taeyeon considered collabing one day?
    10. Has Taeyeon helped you with your music, or does she actively do so?
      • Assuming you answered yes...
        • Do you perhaps bounce lyrics or concepts to Taeyeon?
        • Do you write lyrics together, or does she give her input on it when asked?
    11. Do you play any games?
    12. What are some of your hobbies outside of making music?
    13. What kind of music do you listen to?

      • Either a list of songs you've recently played and enjoyed, maybe the genre of music, or artists you enjoy listening to
    14. Do you feel any pressure as both a person and artist being Taeyeon's sister?
      • First and foremost, I apologize because I am guilty of what I am about to say. I imagine lots of people bring up Taeyeon when they hear Hayeon. For example, they may say "Taeyeon's sister" instead of "Hayeon". Does that make you feel a certain way? I know you are your own person, feel free to express any feelings you have regarding the topic or a message to fans.
      • Undoubtedly Taeyeon is a phenomenal artist. Do you hold yourself to such a high standard? Or rather, do you often compare yourself or your music to your sister? Of course, you are your own individual, you are Hayeon. However, do you often try to think in Taeyeon's shoes, or perhaps question what will the public think about you vs Taeyeon?
    15. Can you spoil your next song or its concept?
    16. Who is the dog in Walk Away?!
    17. Have you started thinking about a fandom name?

    Well, that's anything that came to my head. I apologize for any invasive, rude, or inappropriate questions. I tried to be as thoughtful and respectful as I could in both creating and asking the questions.

    Thank you.

  • What emotions were going through you when making Eyes on You and it's supporting songs?

  • Hi Hayeon! Thank you for doing a QnA for us. I followed you since I saw your Conveyor Sound covers 🥰 Here are some of my questions:

    1. Can you play the guitar well or any other musical instruments? If so, will you show your fans of yourself playing the instruments?

    2. Are you interested in producing music of your own, meaning, being a singer-songwriter?

    3. Will you make more cover videos? I hope you will ❤️ I really love your voice hehe

    4. Who do you like better Ginger or Zero? 😈

    5. Will you keep doing AI produced music or will there be lots of variety of music other than AI? 🎶

    6. Tell us about your trainee life and do you keep contact with your trainee friends? (SMROOKIES)

    7. Who are some Korean musicians that you wish to collab with?

    8. What is you favourite Girls’ Generation song? 👯‍♀️

    9. What is your favourite Taeyeon song?

    10. When did you realize you wanted to be a singer/musician?

    11. What is your favourite childhood memories? 👧

    12. Are all of your family members good in music other than your sister and always sing when you were little?

    13. Was it a tough choice to make when you wanted to become a singer?

    14. Who is the artist that you think is the closest to your style of music?

    15. What is your audition song and dance?

    16. Can we see dancer Hayeon in the future?

    I will be really happy if you pick my questions 😊 I hope you will do more promotions in the future and let your name expand. I believe you will be a great artist with your talent. Love you Hayeon and I will keep supporting you 👍🥰

  • Good morning!

    Thank you for doing a Q&A with allkpop~ I've been loving your unique voice and AI music and was wondering which song is your favorite and why?


  • Hi Hayeon !! You recently debuted which is very exciting !! I hope you're happy and healthy! Now my question is: What do you do when you're feeling down? We all have that feeling sometimes, some people more than others and I would like to know what you do!

  • johnny

    Changed the title of the thread from “[EXCLUSIVE] HAYEON x AKP Red Carpet Q&A Event!” to “HAYEON x AKP Red Carpet Q&A Event!”.
  • Question: you have a great voice for rnb, would you ever work with another artist for that type of genre ?

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