Is twice declining?

  • On Korean charts (mostly just MelOn) and in terms of Japanese sales (because of the double-up on comebacks at the same time) maybe... but at the same time they have only been growing in every other metric. YouTube views, streams, album sales, charting internationally in more countries than before, charting higher in other countries more than before. They also arguably have more recognition now. Their performance on the Korean charts right now are stagnant but they have only been increasing literally everywhere else.

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  • This bound to happen to all groups, including BP and BTS in future.

    I saw one user's post yesterday and I kinda agreed

    People liked Twice because they were a place for comfort. Their songs are fun and cheerful, they're great to relax mind after a hectic day.

    Ever since Twice changed sound, i dont see korean actually giving them as much support as before. So that's definitely a declining trend. But going into mature sound, they gain more fans internationally.

  • Well it's no rocket science that compared to cheer up or TT they are not really slaying the digital charts. But we have entered an era that even groups on verge of their disbandment could get a hit out of nowhere, so it's not exactly shocking if they end up releasing a huge hit with longevity with one of their next comebacks, it's even easier for them who is known among the public.

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  • This success stan once again asking this question knowing damn well TWICE will get dragged...go whine and complain about Kura Kura's sales and performance or something O_o

    We'll get a good gauge if they're really declining with sales with their new comeback, last year JYPE announced merch every 2 weeks so obviously many Onces didn't have the money to buy stuff. Digitally, yes they're declining but that's mainly because of the concept change. They've grown massively in most other metrics from Spotify streams, to Youtube views and everything else. So it's a win-lose situation.

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  • internationally there are way more ppl listening to kpop than the combined numbers in korea. So I dont see how they are declining in the overall picture

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