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  • wow you re look like filipo

    so do you like olivia rodrigo

    • Wait what? What's a filipo? That's not even me on my profile if you mean

    • oh im sorry...

    • No problem! Check her out, she's a model pretty famous in Korea though not Korean ethnically (Elina Karimove) :pepelove2:

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  • Yo it is me angel hey

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    • Hello, are you the girl who talked with me on my wall before Akp went through the change?? :/ Haven't been here for so long tbh lol

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    • Yeah lol you were not on for a while

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    • I was mostly on discord lol, what have you been up to?

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    • I have discord also lol and nothing much but school and playing genshin impact

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    • Oh I'm parichehr#3417 you could add me if you like, any recent releases that you liked?

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