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  • This place somehow became even worse, never thought that's possible.

    • It really did, it’s so dramatic while also being so dead lmfao

  • The users, even Onces, who I thought I was cool with that liked the posts of that irrelevant person who was trynna come for me

    We ain’t friends anymore. Just so you know :*

  • Hey bestie :pepe-annoy:

    • Heeeeey :pepe-high-five: Bestiez 4 Life lol

    • Are you gonna go to Dreamcatcher's concert?!!!! :pepe-shoooketh:

    • Oh damn didn’t even notice this til now ;( Didnt even know Dreamcatcher was having one around here. May need to skulp some last minute tickets :eyes:

    • NY is sold out but there are a lot of tickets remaining for Reading, I heard that it's just two hours away, but Idk for sure.

  • I'm back for akorns :angryr::angryr::angryr:

    Donate pls, I really need it this time :sweatr::cryingr::shyr::pinky-pleading:

    • Omg, how the heck did I not see this this whole time ;(  :facepalm: So Sawwy, All of my akorns 4 U :pepe_akorns:

    • Tysm :omgr: It's fine, akorns are still akorns in the end :alpaca-bow: Thank you again :lover3:


  • Give me akorns :!::!::!:

  • Lubbyyyyyy my girl *muah* *muah* let me kiss your ass, miss you so much queen :pepelove1:

    • Omg I miss you too, the wedding shall still go on :pepe-toast:

    • Once domination themed wedding :pepe-tea:

  • shin wants u to check discord

  • STAYC is great!

  • Milf

  • Hmmm, it’s been a while