Sakunoki (izone members and jline quarantine)

  • The radio of sakura

    The jline have 14 days of quarantine cause they were in korea but now going japan

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    2 hums Gokigen Sayonara Thanks for listening tonight too! I love you~!

    I'm currently in quarantine for 2 weeks & my thoughts after coming back to Japan is... I end up on Yahoo News too often~😅 What I said on Sakunoki, that 'Calm down! Calm down!' which was directed at fans with a light tone. picked up by Yahoo News, "Regarding her future plans, it's 'calm down! calm down!'" 😂 I didn't meant for it to taken so seriously like that 😂 If I knew it was gonna get on Yahoo news I would have chosen prettier wordings instead of lightly saying 'calm down~'I was surprised but I'm happy that there's so much attention by lots of people. Since I'm not on SNS right now, fans are probably feeling anxious but what I want everyone, all idol fans, not just my fans to keep in mind foremost is..."Wait for official news"! I can't say anything more. It's important to first verify, 'Is this official news?'. Not just when it comes to me but towards everything when you're supporting an idol. I think if fans can keep that in mind, it'll make you feel more at ease when supporting an idol

    Looking out at Japan from my window, watching TV & such made me think, 'wow, I've arrived in Japan!'. It's been a year so I feel like a tourist😂 Seeing the streets in Japan from the car before my quarantine, I thought to myself, 'Yabai! It's Japan!'I even took photos😂 It's been such a long time that everything seems fresh. I have to order takeout so I've been using 'Uber Eats' which something not available in Korea😂 I got excited on my own, "It's Uber Eats! The one all the YouTuber uses!"😂 I ate udon recently~

    Their last days as #IZONE

    Sakura: Between the (last Sakunoki) recording until the 28th, we met all the members to bid a proper farewell. Members from the same dorm went to have a meal together & such too. There were members I haven't seen in a while. Yuri has been in Busan & since we were going back (to Japan), Yuri came back (to Seoul). She made heaps of bead rings & bracelets for us while in Busan! When I saw it on PM, I wondered if it was meant for us but despite meeting up, there was no indication that she was gonna give them to us so everyone was like, "Btw Yuri, don't you have anything to give us~?👀"😂 It was amazing how she made like 30 of them! She gave out each one saying, 'I made this for Kkura unnie', 'I made this while thinking of...', etc. But without minding that, everyone ended up with the ones they liked the most😂 Some teased her saying, "Eh, but that's not my fav color~" "Isn't this one cuter?". JOKINGLY of course!😂 Everyone brought home the beads accessory they liked best. She gave me a ring with cherries? which I've kept in my accessory box. We took a photo of ourselves wearing them which we probably can't disclose to WIZ*ONE though😂 We took it as a memory just for us.

    On the 28th, around the time Sakunoki started airing, me, Chaeyeon, Nako & Hiichan were together & the moment it turn 12am, everyone was like "#IZONE has ended~🥺" while feeling sad about it. I said, "Sakunoki is airing right now" & Chaeyeon sympathetically replied, "Must have been hard with this timing"😂 28th was the last day for us to be at the dorm in Korea so me, Nako, Hiichan & the manager unnie who has been with us for around 2yrs watched old #IZONE videos on YouTube together~😂 "We've worked hard haven't we?"We spent the time reminiscing like that & basking in the memories. It felt like a waste to fall asleep. Hiichan who was usually asleep by 11pm even said, "I don't want to go to sleep tonight" so SaNakHii & manager stayed up until around 1am. Chaeyeon who had been awake the whole time helped to carry our luggage for us. Yuri was asleep but we woke her up saying, "We'll be leaving now~!" & she got up asking, "You're going already!? Have a safe trip! Don't forget about me okay?😟"😂 We said goodbye in the dorm. The next day, we went back to Japan with lots of people seeing us off at the airport. It has really been such a long time since we went to the airport! Everything is memorable! Usually everyone would be fast asleep while on the way to the airport but on that day we didn't feel like sleeping or rather, we arrived before we knew it😂 The journey to the airport which was usually long felt super short this time. We were all listening to cheerful songs by Itzy, Twice, NiziU, etc.😂 When it was nearing the airport, I was the one who was playing the songs so... somehow, when I feel sad, I'm the type who would want to be completely sad. There may be people who distracts themselves by listening to cheerful songs, but I'm the type who want to soak in the sadness from head to toe. So with the intent to make everyone cry, I played all of #IZONE's ballads😂 I'm the worst right?😂 Ah, it was 30 minutes before we reached Incheon. The mood had been cheerful but I suddenly said, "Isn't it time to play #IZONE songs~?". I started with Airplane while saying "Since we're going to be boarding a plane, we have to play this!". Gradually, it became Destiny, As we dream, etc...😂 It was hitting my feels too😂 The 3 of us talked about how hard it had been & then we arrived the airport. A lot fans & a lot of reporters came. For some reason, we felt like crying. I could feel the tears coming but Nako was the first one who said, "Hnng, I think I might cry...😢" so I was like, "Don't cry~ Don't cry!" 😂 While I was consoling Nako, Hiichan beside me started crying! "Hiichan! Are you okay??"ultimately, I took up the role as a pacifier😂 I felt like crying too but seeing Hiichan's tears flipped me to consoling mode. It's also been a year since we've met Korean WIZ*ONEs so to be able to see them, hear their farewells & well wishes was really touching. 2.5yrs ago, when the 3 of us came here together to become #IZONE, we were welcomed with words like, "Let's do our best together!". Now, 2.5yrs later, seeing K-WIZ sending us off so warmly made me think that our efforts in the past 2.5yrs had been truly appreciated! I was really touched & happy. I want to talk in more detail but I can't which is vexing~! Fans probably feel unease about certain aspects but everyone of us #IZONE members were able to properly say our goodbyes to each other. We were able to spend wonderful times talking about our memories. Before our d-day. So don't feel too anxious about it~ It's safe to think, "#IZONE was together (until the end)".

    Fan told Sakura about singer-songwriter Noda Emi's #IZONE covers, the original song she wrote for #IZONE & how she's a big fan Sakura: Of course I knew about Noda Emi-san~! When #IZONE JP version was released, she said that she covered it since I wrote the JP ver. When I heard it, she was SOOO good that I had goosebumps~! From then on, I've been keeping tabs & of course I saw the Panorama cover too. Also this song, Sakurairo no Sora ni has really great lyrics! Since I'm her oshi, I think she probably titled it after me It's a really wonderful song~ Since she's a full fledged artist, Noda Emi-san's voice is very nice! The videos of her singing is SO pretty too~! She has her own color which I think is lovely. Ah, seems like she's hosting a radio show & has even released her own single? Sugoi~ Everyone, pls check out Fiesta JP ver, Panorama, Sakurairo no Sora ni & various other covers on Noda Emi's channel!

    Next week...Ah, I was gonna make (the #IZONE stories) last by releasing it gradually but I ended up saying everything~ I'll have to create new ones...😂 Through the means of contacting the members!😂 Of course, we'll deliver news about #IZONE members too~ Along with how I'm currently doing in Japan. For these 2 weeks while I'm in quarantine, Sakunoki is probably the only way you can verify my well-being😂 I'll be talking lots so it'll make me happy if you can listen to Sakunoki next week too! 2

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