• Stage Name: Sora
    Birth Name: Sakata Sora

    Group: WOO!AH!
    Position: Vocalist, Rapper

    Birthday: August 30, 2003

    Zodiac Sign: Virgo

    Blood Type: O

    II. Sora Facts

    – She is Japanese.
    – Her roommate is Songyee and they share the small room.
    – She’s liked K-Pop since she was young.
    – Her name Sora means ‘sky’ in Japanese.
    – Nickname: King Sora Crab (Self-Written Profile)
    – Her charm point is reversal charm, whether normally or on stage (Self-Written Profile)
    – She likes to walk her pet, watch movies, pig trotters (as food), sleep (Self-Written Profile)
    – She dislikes bugs, catching a cold, staying up for the whole night (Self-Written Profile)
    – Her role model is Mina from TWICE