What survival shows does your country got?

  • And no, don't say you got THE VOICE in your country, because that show is like in every place of the world ... also do not name stuff like model-competitions or stuff where people trow a cooking competition or whatsnot, I mean shows where people participate for singing

    My country had a few in the past who were searching for boygropups and girlgroups but it became unpopular in the end of the 2000s so they stoped making this kind of survival shows and the only music-survival show outside of THE VOICE we have here runs since 2003 and is searching for a male or female vocalist ever year. The most winner are people who rank #1 on iTunes on their debut-day but than later on you hear nothing about them anymore afterwards. That shows is called DSDS (Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar = Germany searches for the superstar) Worse is it when a vocalist wins on a talentshow. With talentshow I mean as equivalent to shows like "Britain got Talent", "American got Talent", "Asia got Talent" ,... here in Germany we have a show called "Das Supertalent" wich runs since 2007 and I remember in 2018 a Chinese dude won as vocalist but after he won you never heard of him again and he didn't even published at least 1 song, nope he won and than was gone from the TV-screen forever.

    Whats with your country? What survival shows outside of THE VOICE does your country have?

  • Boogie Woogie and Dance India Dance season 1 to 3 were the best seasons to exist in my country. Everything was genuine and no exaggerated drama. Now there are so many reality shows with so much trash ugh. I cant handle the cringe they do.

    And I'll meet you on the other side.

    #perfect blue from My angel, empathy

  • I don't need Polish survival shows

    I just need Korean one :D

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  • In the 2000s, we had several seasons of a show called "Factory", it was similar to Korean survival shows, the contestants then debuted in a pop group.

    I don’t know what is on TV now, other than Voice and Voice Kids.

  • There was one for bands, but it only lasted for 3 seasons due to bad ratings.

  • My country has done lots of original shows back then

    now every show is Mongolian version of foreign popular shows

    one show was MAKING THE BAD it had 3 seasons i guess, one season was to create coed group it had 6 members, 3 female & 3 male, all i can say is i have liked their songs tho but it's very outdated & cringe now, but soon the group got disbanded tho, in here solo careers are more favorable

  • X factor, Britain got talent are what's left I guess (and if course the Voice lol)

    We use to the have fame academy, popstars and pop idol, but they died off mid 2000's.

  • and for some reason we just steal korean shows too

    because we also have masked singer and i can see your voice

    Exactly the same shit as in Germany (I mean for masked singer)

    God... the last person who won masked singer in germany participated by singing a BTS-song ... and that guy was relevant as musician last time like 20 years ago ...

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