• saw this on PC and thought it was cute~

    For me, I dont like anyone at the moment but I want to read about y'all (:

    Starting from me, when I saw him at first I was like "oh.. he's a handsome friend" but slowly, he started looking more and more like a decent man to me ㅠ He's mannerly, doesn't swear and to be honest, he's f*cking good at Battlegrounds (he's as good as if he was preparing to become a pro gamer), and what's more fraudulent is that he's even good at studying ㅋㅋㅋㅋ so I fell for him ㅎㅎ it's been 3 years now

    I've never had a crush before but my life has been hard now that I've fallen for him ㅠ

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    I've never fallen in love at first sight nor have I ever had a "moment" when I started liking someone. I just slowly get absorbed into someone? I always slowly start to find someone likable and then at one point, I realize that I like him

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    I don't really have a special "moment" when I start liking someone. But once I like someone, I really like them for a long time and all my memories are beautified...

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    When I was in my 3rd year of high school, there was a guy who was in the same class as me. Let's call him A! When we were assigning the classrooms, our seats changed and A became my desk mate. A has been famous for being good at studying ever since the 1st semester (especially math)! Since I've always been someone who likes to make friends, I approached him. I thought that he was just good at studying and that he was super quiet but after getting close to him, I realized that he's seriously funny and cute. Our humor code is also very similar. His head is smart but he's also very clumsy and funny. And honestly, he was just so cute.. But one day, he called me at night. When I answered, I asked him why he was calling me and he said that he didn't know the scope of the homework and I told him. Our call lasted about 1 minute? But looking at my phone, he texted by 2 minutes ago asking "Where is the scoping for the homework of XXX-teacher?' so I texted back saying "Wow, you couldn't even wait 2 minutes before calling me? You have some issues with your patience~". And I started liking him since then... But he got into Seoul University and I have to retake my examㅋㅋ I miss him so much. Seriously, we are still keeping touch but I wonder if he knew that I liked him and that I still like him? I have a lot of stories like this with him... maybe he likes me too?

    "- It's not that I have no patience

    - I called because I wanted to call you"

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    I fall deeply in love quickly and it cools down so slowly which is super scary. I fell for him just because of his looks at first sight but even his personality is likable and I can't get out of it... it's seriously hard for me to forget him

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    There was a sunbae 2 years older than me who liked me. He came at night in front of our house. You know when someone presses the bell and their face shows on the interphone? At that time, all my family members were at home so my mom went to open the front door and he gave my mom a set to make necklaces, greeted her and ran away. I seriously didn't think about anything back then. I didn't know what relationships were at that time. So I and my parents were making the necklaces together and every time I went out, I wore the necklacesㅎㅎ turns out that the sunbae liked me and all the teachers were aware of it too.. I regret for not holding unto him ㅜㅜ he was such a sweet guy. That happened when I was 5 years old

    ✿ just a crumb of something please I'm begging ✿ ♡ ♚


    I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
    in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

  • This is cute, I hope more people reply lol I wanna read stories too. mine is pretty long and very cliche tbh

    I’m not sure when I started liking him but I think I finally accepted it when he didn’t walk me home for two weeks because his basketball coach changed their practice schedule and it coincided with the time I finished my work at the school library. I was walking at the spot notorious for being next to the backyard with two really large dogs that would bark at whoever comes near, he used to pull at my uniform and we would run past the yard while the dogs barked at us. Anyway, he wasn’t there but I still ran but I guess my body was used to having someone to turn to at the end and laugh because I turned to my side but he wasn’t there and of course, that got me sad.

    At that point, he had already confessed to me a year prior when we were sophomores but I liked someone else (it was his basketball team captain but he didn’t know that lol) when he first said it. He used to walk me home everyday then walk back to our hs which would’ve taken close to an hour. Once i figured out i liked him back, it was pretty hard to hide since I usually wear my heart on my sleeve and my friends pretty much knew as soon as I blushed when he walked past us with his friends and he waved at me (i never blushed from that before lmao). Anyway, it worked out. It’s been a few years since we graduated from high school and we’re still together

    P.S. i know i said cliche but I didn’t realize how much it sounded like a typical hs relationship movie until i wrote it down lol

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