If i dont see that NewJeans pre-order come up tomorrow i think i’ll just stop listening to kpop

  • I really am like… very well adjusted in my life and don’t really allow things to stress me but this situation is stressing me. I don’t like that after all this time of, honestly, waiting way too long for a comeback there’s lowkey a possibility that there may never be one.

    I don’t care that the music, the vocals and the dances are all manufactured down to a science in kpop to make sure that a consistent product is released, but i do care that the behind the scenes are just the same. Like if their label drops them they just go home to their parents houses and its over. Theyre not idols anymore.

    At least in the west i can rely that if say, Ariana Grande hates oh idk HYBE she can suddenly leave and keep her look, her sound, her music largely and still be an artist, just under another label. Even groups like Paramore have switched labels and even members and STILL its the same “Group”.

    Idols have absolutely no rights to their property and its wild to me. Once you’re out (Jessica, Gfriend, etc.) youre done and you will never have a chance again because your label had so much power and took everything away.

    It feels like I have nothing to personally invest in honestly and its gross.

    '*•.¸♡ NewJeans ♡¸.•*'

    all this time. . . .。・:*˚:✧。

  • The one thing Hybe and Ador can agree on is the comeback can't and won't be affected. They've already spent the money on album production, likely already filmed the mv and sold tickets for bunnies camp. The next few months are guaranteed for us.

    Don't forget Bubble Gum is dropping within the next few days too :pepelove1:



  • i’m w you lowkey, minji fancam got me into kpop and i was prepared to love them and illit. now everything feels tainted

  • The thing is most of the work is not their property. It's not the same as lots of western acts, who from the get go have a lot more control over their image, sound, product and music.

    Idols are very much created in board rooms by others and are selected because they fit the image of the concept more or less. They aren't a crew of plucky young friends who jammed every weekend in one members garage, did some local gigs, got more famous locally and then discovered, all the while honing their own concept and identity.

    Their "property" was never theirs, it's the companies, because the idols, although the very public facing part of the group, in some ways have had the LEAST contributions. Its instead the dozens to hundreds of behind the scenes people. The writers, the mixers, the producers, the art directors, the stylists, the choreographers etc etc. Shouldn't they have just as much "Claim" to the "property"? When they leave or move on, what do they have?

    I am actually always really sceptical when I hear an idol has contributed to the writing or creative direction of any output, unless that idol has FIRMLY established themselves as a strong creative (eg Soyeon). Otherwise, I always view it as a bit of harmless chicanery, to give the fans a bit of a tickle.

    I think kpop, to a degree, is like WWE wrestling. As a fan you very much need to buy in and accept that a good part of it is "fake", and be willing to accept that and just enjoy the ride. You can still personally invest. Many, many kpop fans and wrestling fans do, while still knowing that it's all a show.

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