The Wrap vol.1: New features, Limited Edition Badges and more!

  • Hello everyone!

    Introducing "The Wrap." We're going to be taking a new approach to allkpop updates in an attempt to keep things tidier. Welcome to Volume 1 - we've got some new and exciting changes/additions for you!



    As some of you have already noticed, we have a new gallery section in which users can upload and share images as well as videos. This is still in beta and we are testing it. For now, when uploading files, please use proper titles and tags, so that it makes it easier for everyone to search for what they are looking for.


    We have incorporated a Calendar into the site so that users can track all community events that are going on. Moving forward our Events team, pinky-hwi  itiswhatitisss will be creating and managing forum/discord events to keep things fun around here! What would you like to see? Artist birthdays, comebacks, etc. are all possibilities for our goal to create an all-inclusive calendar for KPOP.

    We may open up the calendar to everyone as well in the future, where you'll be able to create "Akorn" worthy events and charge Akorn fees for participants!


    Our biggest new feature, the Lexicon. We literally just opened this up to our community right before posting this. What is it? Well, it's a community driven wiki, where we will create an all-inclusive knowledge base of all things Korean entertainment. In addition, there is a tight integration within the forums, therefore if a lexicon entry exists, it will create links within the forums to that page. We hope this feature helps everyone learn more about all artists, especially new ones who need as much exposure as possible. We will be releasing a guide in the near future on how things should be structured, however if you just can't wait to create an entry and have any questions right now, you can reach out to our content team members quark12395 or just-a-melon. Or even xx-jenn-xx who is already well versed in creating lexicon entries. BTW, lexicon entries will earn you 25 akorns each, however, before submitting an entry, please make sure all fields are filled out and entries are as detailed as possible. There is an approval system for Lexicon entries/edits and if they are not up to par, they will be deleted, so please do not abuse this.

    IMPORTANT: Badge Updates

    Custom Badges are being retired

    We are retiring Custom badges as has already been discussed in length on numerous other threads, so I won't re-explain the reasoning behind this. Custom badges ended this Friday for purchase, though they will still be around in a fashion as prizes in allkpop events and perks guilds can take advantage of.

    Limited Edition Badges

    With the retirement of custom badges, we have introduced Limited Edition badges, with various levels of rarity. Moving forward, this will be the direction we are taking in terms of our badge roadmap. Since this is also an Aesthetics related item, more on this later in the aesthetic portion of this post from Ves and Shy.


    The previous set of rules proved to be too long and complex enough that it was causing turmoil between moderation and users. We've simplified the rules to make them easier to follow. We know like the last that this iteration most likely won't be perfect, but it's a start. Keep in mind the one rule all of these stem from: "BE A DECENT HUMAN BEING." For those few of you who actually read the rules, full rules are here.

    Keep in mind that there will always be gray areas when it comes to enforcing rules, so moderators will be at liberty to decide how to handle a certain situation and that will be final. If you do have issues letting things go, I highly encourage you to be polite about it.


    MODERATION: (from ripia)

    We've tightened up our roles and as such, want to go over who our moderators actually are:






    Other staff members are cleared to moderate in an emergency. E.g someone posts gore.

    Double Posting, Spam, Akorn Farming

    Many threads and Guilds in particular have demonstrated unnecessary double posting or spam-like behavior for the purpose of Akorn farming. Akorns are the currency of AKP and the misuse of it, like real currency, causes unnecessary inflation and devalues the currency in general. Please do not Akorn farm and where possible, combine your posts. Similarly, topics made without intent to produce intelligent discussion eg 'A HOUSE HAS A DOOR' op or solely emoji posts could be viewed as Akorn farming. Context matters, but Akorn farming posts are subject to deletion hereforth, along with deletion of Akorns amongst other penalties. In addition, any abuse of the Akorn sytem will result in penalties, i.e. throwing games on purpose in the Arcade to farm Akorns, or posting spam on your own profile (thanks to a user who was doing this for days, profile comments no longer earn Akorns - this is why people can't have nice things).

    K-News vs K-Lounge

    The K-Lounge was created for 'random' somewhat off topic not particularly official kpop related threads. Lately users have been posting official idol news sources here but the K-Lounge is more for fun randomized topics. BP VS TWICE WHO HAS CUTER OUTFITS. Not 'Group A official live stream'

    Please use the appropriate sections and try not confuse the two. Follow these guidelines: if it could be reported on, its news. If its random, but still kpop related then post in k-lounge.

    Descriptive Titles

    Descriptive titles both avoid misleading users as to the content of the thread and are useful as a tool against duplicate threads. For example, 'THIS IS LIT' could be titled 'Group A debut with their LIT AF MV: No Dream'. Takes away nothing and also others to see that the topic they want to talk about is already being chatted about. In general topics should represent the content.


    AESTHETICS (from Ves)

    If you browse on mobile...

    And a good chunk of you do! You may have noticed a change to your messages... a good change that you'll love we hope: Badges can now be viewed on mobile devices! Feature parity on mobile and desktop? We're trying!

    Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 12.24.52 AM.png

    Are we ready for the next week's Q&A?

    Pentagon and Drippin will be stopping by to answer your questions, so make sure to get them in before it's too late! And of course, our Allkpop Red Carpet Q&A Events would not be complete without our Collectible Event Borders


    Pentagon's is modeled after the bright graphics seen in their next comeback: LOVE or TAKE.

    Drippin's return to the scene after their debut is shades of blue: A Better Tomorrow.


    To sport your Collectible Event Border, please go to your profile page and click edit. Scroll down until you see this box:




    First, for our AllKill members this week, we've added three additional animated emblems!

    From left to right: Gossamer Strands, Rainbow Thread and Dusk to Dawn.


    More colors and background options are in the works based on user demand and we hope to unveil them soon. We think you'll love it!


    If you haven't done so, you should check out the 3 new sets of AllKill only emojis we added!

    Blade & Soul:

    :BAS-Chase: :BAS-draw: :BAS-loco: :BAS-run-away: :BAS-secret: :BAS-lounge: :BAS-happy: :BAS-flattered: :BAS-laugh: :BAS-bye: :BAS-radiate: :BAS-cry: :BAS-rest:





    We're in love with them and there are more sets to come! We're also going to be adding more

    KPOP ♂ emojis by user request, so stay tuned. You can Go Allkill or learn more about it here.


    As johnny has touched on, we've introduced limited edition badges. The idea around these is that we want to mark milestone events and as such, have already begun our series:

    Rosé - On The Ground Solo Debut

    17578-rose-on-the-ground-gif 17579-rose-on-the-ground-v2-gif

    BTS - Grammy Nominees and Performers

    akp-limited-bts-grammy-musicares.gif akp-limited-bts-grammy-main.gif

    Several users have already asked if we plan to do this regularly and with what. Milestone events are not exactly predictable so there is no set schedule, but like our AllKill VIP subscription, we welcome ideas, and honestly, this is kpop, never a dull moment!


    What did you think of Volume 1?

    Let us know!

  • or posting spam on your own profile (thanks to a user who was doing this for days, profile comments no longer earn Akorns - this is why people can't have nice things).

    Lmfao what ^^

  • Which part of "create an all-inclusive knowledge base of all things Korean entertainment" did you not understand? :pepewhat:


    Nah I thought I can just compile all of them in one post like a major thread. I should've just clicked on the link and see what's it's about before asking lmao.



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