Rejected Sixteen contestants exacting revenge against JYP.

  • OP with the indirect shade towards Fromis_9

    Also the first girl eliminated on that show is making a comeback.

  • That show had a lot of talent.

    9 Debuted with Twice

    3 Debuted in other still active groups.

    2 Debuted solo with success.

    1 Also debuted solo, but flopped.

    1 No news from her after the show After School.

    SIXTEEN (JYP): Where Are They Now? (Updated!)
    SIXTEEN (JYP): Where Are They Now? It’s been 6 years since the survival show SIXTEEN with JYP has ended and created the girl group TWICE as we’ve grown to know…

  • I'm happy for Natty.

    Baby girl went through a lot to get here.

    Eliminated from Sixteen. Left JYPE. Eliminated from Idol School. We found out her parents were in massive debt because of trying to help her live her dream. Had a flopped solo debut. And now, FINALLY, her talent is being recognized. Sure, she had to get a little PS help to have visuals that appeal more to Koreans, and she had a lot of ups and downs, but she's making head ways now. Debuted in a group that's trending, and her solo is climbing up the charts.

    Good for her! It took her fucking 8 years to get here. Who wouldn't be rooting her on?

  • Are you seriously suggesting that charting one or two songs higher on freaking melon’s floor can compete with a resume as illustrious as twice’s members who are literally millionaires now and can boast about a string of mega hits they bagged throughout their career? Bruh you need to upgrade your trolling material you’re turning braindead like bbb’s threads :skull:

    Implying Somi isn't a millionaire...

    The Five Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
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  • A laughable "revenge", as if these 2 were actually JYP's loss?? A true revenge is when Somi or Natty gets bigger than Twice. If Somi or Natty becomes Taeyeon/GD level. Maybe let's go easy and first reach Jessi's level first. haha. JYPE's current situation is NOT affected at all by the careers of neither of these 2 people. Even Sana's branding power and impact alone is more influential and profitable in 2 or more countries than both of them. Nayeon easily will obliterate them.

    Somi, Natty, "revenge" on Jype... like what? who? when? where? how? hahaha. Let's not overreach please.


  • Neither have reached the heights of where Itzy or TWICE were when they had spent the equivalent time from their debut.

    Somi's career is underwhelming considering she has Teddy as a Producer and Teddy would much prefer to have Itzy on the Company Books than Somi.

    As for Natty, I just hope that her group hits it big with album sales because she deserves to get a break.

  • Implying Somi isn't a millionaire...

    Right like she isn't a household name just for her IOI stint and probably gets thousands from her multiple CFs & writing credits :cryingr: She's probably set for life off of DD & now Fast Forward. No need to downplay others just to lift your fave up like

    Anyway ITZY Somi and TWICE all get along well despite the attempts to make them seem like enemies so who cares

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