whats your top 9 picks from boys planet

  • is it just me or the drought of boys planet threads even after the episode ends is really visible, like do akp not watch this show

    i remember having countless threads about gp999, and i dont think i have seen a thread like this yet

    anyways here are my top 9 picks. the members that i pick excel in at least 1 of the 3 core fundamentals of kpop; vocal, dance or rap. my picks will always beat the filler member allegation because everyone contributes their very best in the group.

    1. sung hanbin

    2. zhang hao

    3. seok matthew

    4. jay

    5. haruto

    6. keita

    7. hui

    8. park hanbin

    9. kim taerae

    lets be serious, no matter which rank you put shanbin in, he is always going to be the #1 contestant of this season. he not only have great stage presence but he also has immaculate vocal and dance skill to back him up. such an all rounder member.

    zhang hao is like the g-group counterpart of shanbin, he is packed with vocal and dance skill + great stage presence and can slay literally every concept. he is not going to get xiaoting'd in the final because we all learnt our mistake and vow to not repeat the same thing again... i hope koreans choose smartly this time. he also has really great 1 pick power so he'll be one of the few g trainees that are actually going to be safe in the finals

    matthew is a versatile and stable performer, having performing contrasting concepts and still slayed both of them. not to mention his stable vocal, which is arguably his strongest feature that makes him a potential lead vocalist in the group. he also rose in ranks will comfortably sit in the top 9 as his 1 pick power is strong enough to carry him due to his korean ethnicity

    jay literally unlocked a new vocal color in kpop, and although he lacks in dance, he make really great vocalist material as his voice is pretty much needed in the group. i can see bepler as an nmixx-level group vocal wise if correct members are chosen. jay has unstable 1 pick power and only recently dropped out of top 9. he also placed last in artist evaluation, which makes his place in the group really shaky. i really hope he slayed the final stage because losing jay in kpop is pretty much a regrettable decision, especially if he lose to some... trainees...

    haruto recently became my favourite because of his fun and carefree attitude, but he also put in serious work in his dance and rap. he also has quite nice lower register, which makes him stable in at least 2/3 department. he can be the rap duo along with keita, and japanese almost always have rap parts anyways. the group is stacked with vocals so him not having vocal parts is not that big of a deal anyways. his strongest feature is his dance, and i can see him hard carrying the group in dance breaks

    keita is also a perfect rap duo along with haruto. he has a really solid fanbase that carries him throughout the show, never leaving out of top 9 for as long as i can remember. he is also a polished trainee with 9 years of training, and he will carry the group so hard in terms of rap and dance, but mostly rap. he would also expand their market towards japan, which makes him a key member for consistent sales.

    lets be fr, the amount of people that didnt want hui is ridiculous. whatever his reason to enter boys planet is, he still choose to enter the show on his own volition. his vocal is his forte, but what i am particularly interested in is his producer ability. he can make bops for bepler, which makes him a really key member for the debut group. he also has 10 years of experience around his belt, and is also immune from military service because he recently finished them. he will be the perfect leader for the group.

    park hanbin is the golden horse of the season. he is very meticulous in their dance, and he will become the best dancer that bepler have. aside from slaying all dance breaks, phanbin also has very adorable and fierce stage presence, which makes the group really stable in terms of stage presence. he can slay the stage in any concepts, making him a very versatile dancer in the debut group.

    lastly, i dont think i want him that bad but i can really say that kim taerae is arguably an asset in bepler. his vocal is his strongest forte, and thats pretty much about it. normally i would praise vocalists but we have like 7 strong vocalists in the group anyways. i still add him because i appreciate his vocal and talent compared to other trainees in boys planet. i wouldnt complain if he entered the debut lineup anyways.


    vocal - hui, jay, taerae, shanbin, zhang hao, matthew

    dance - phanbin, haruto, keita, shanbin, zhang hao

    rap - keita, haruto, zhang hao

    personally dont really prefer gunwook, i think mnet is trying so hard to push him. also aside from his dance, i dont really see why i should pick him. boys planet is stacked with dancers anyways, and i at least want the dancers to have either vocal or rap capabilities to support them, because although i appreciate dancers in the group, i wont be seeing their dance when i listen to the songs anyways. he might have developed some rap skills but i personally prefer haruto / phanbin over him.

    for the same reason, i dont think theres anything that carries jiwoong aside from his visual and stage presence. he never really shows any vocal or rap capabilities throughout the show, and i dont think his dance is that superior anyways. zhang hao / shanbin can easily overshadow him if he relied too much on his stage presence. also i dont really think he is versatile, so removing him from the lineup balances the vibe of the group really well.

    gyuvin is another visual member that i dont think have anything that carries him aside from his visual. he always somehow tops the #1 rank in every group he is in, and i think the audience probably saw his stage presence. but for the same reason as jiwoong, i dont really think he excels in any of the 3 core fundamentals. but i dont think i would compain if he debut though.

    lastly, i really hope han yujin didnt debut. he is literally too young and the amount of creepy remarks he has to face is unbelievable. all of his noona fans are literally so creepy and the way people thirst over a literal minor deserves jail time. debuting him would bring out more creepy remarks that he has to face, and i didnt want him to face the consequences at a very young age especially because he literally did nothing to suffer from all of this. the way people sexualise his thigh move is also very very concerning. he has his dance forte to carry him throughout the show, but he severely lacks in vocal or rap category, which is basically the same reason as gunwook. he rarely shows his vocal / rap capabilities and mnet never pointed this out. i also didnt understand his hype, like he isnt like the most talented member or whatever but still has the strongest fanbase. good for him though.

    thats all, sorry if its too long lol.

  • I have non outside of Hiroto

    Know this dude for 4 years now and hope he finally makes it somewhere or else I go and kick RBW Entertainment's butt personaly

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  • 1. Jay

    2. Zhang Hao

    3. Yoo Seungeun

    they are my 3 picks rn

    Tbh, i like a lot of trainees, I really cant pick only 9. I also think Shanbin, Zhang Hao, Yujin and Jiwoong are def gonna debut. Unsure about Matthew, but he has a big chance too.

    Tbh. as long as Jay makes it, I am fine with any line-up.

    Edit: pls vote for Jay, he is amazing!!

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  • I’m obsessed with boys planet! I’m so invested and I don’t think I’ve ever taken to a trainee as much as I have with sung Hanbin. He already has potential to be in my top 5 all time bias list. Right from his star ranking audition he became my one pick.

    My ideal line up is

    1. Sung Hanbin
    2. Kim Jiwoong
    3. Park gunwook
    4. Keita
    5. Zhang hao
    6. Park hanbin
    7. Yoon jong woo
    8. Lee seunghwan
    9. Taerae

    Out of all trainees remaining I’ll be happy with anyone making the line except 2 or 3 people. I really like the trainees this season compared to past girl planet and produce seasons where I disliked a lot of contestants and was unhappy with the lineups. I don’t think that will be the case this time

  • Gyuvin isn't locked, he's already dropped in the interim ranking to P16 and was always known as a filler vote, especially for Yujin fans, though he'll probably move up a few spots by next Thursday.

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  • jay is honestly my one-pick alongside haruto because i think the others have quite stable fanbase to support them, except maybe phanbin or taerae. i will alternate my vote between jay and haruto because i really want them to debut ;(

    honestly at this point most of our g-group picks might only be rotating between these 5 lol, though the only stable g-group right now is probably zhang hao, keita and matthew.

    i would love to include more g-groups in my picks but i know that it is impossible. honestly i dont mind if wang zihao manages to sneak into the lineup. i think that g-group are faaarrrrrrr more interesting collectively when compared to k group, and it pains me to see many k-group getting biased treatment such as the 100k benefit and winning dance battle even though dance is g-group forte. they cant even get their damn pizza in peace ||

  • Gyuvin isn't locked, he's already dropped in the interim ranking to P16 and was always known as a filler vote, especially for Yujin fans, though he'll probably move up a few spots by next Thursday.

    I hope you're right. I don't like Yujin, but he fills a niche that is historically present on post survival shows groups, which is the maknae that attract fans for being young and cute. Him being the only to make the top 9 is an actual miracle, on Produce X there was so many of them that Mnet probably had to cut off many of them from the line up to avoid having a highly dysfunctional group

    This time they were much less lenient with the less experienced trainees, with many of them being heavily edited to show how talentless they are in a very cruel ways.

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