RE: army dissapointing antis yet again

  • Only a fool would think that someone as big as BTS will be boycotted through dating. If anything, these dating rumours are only a blessing in disguise for the shippers & mental level delulus to leave them alone.

    They contribute nothing but chaos and embarrassment. While the rest of the fans are the actual normal people supporting BTS like buying their albums, music, concert tickets and merch. So, they're more than fine. I'm sure some of these crazies support BTS too, but fortunately 99% of 'fans' contribute the most.

    I remember when the JK dating rumours have dropped in 2019. I read so many think pieces from fear mongering kpop fans that armys are gonna stop supporting BTS, but did they stopped performing in stadiums? Selling millions on top of their already million selling albums? Or stopped them from achieving the best performing years in their career?

    And now with's like a clockwork atp. They be waiting for some boycott or the whole fandom to act out, but nothing happened. Instead, most fans mind their own business (me included) and/or cheer the guys silently.

    Like, these antis really think that it's gonna fumble Taehyung or the guys' bag, but YOU ARE VERY WRONG!

  • its crazy to think BTS would be affected over a dating scandal from all things, its kinda delusional

    the only thing that could affect them would be the members actual behaviour and/or words

  • :pepe-tea:

    "Don’t judge a book by its cover. Everybody has a reason and everybody has a story. I hope people don’t judge a person based on what they see." Kim Taehyung


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