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    What is lore first time ever hearing this word in kpop. You mean like a universe?

    I kinda don’t agree BU brought in many fans. That was their music. It’s the other way round. Music then everything else.

    I don't think I need a therapy. I would've said idk who's projecting here, but I feel like I'd be offending people who actually have therapy sessions, so let's drop this part.

    you didn't specifically say I was boring and not mature, but that doesn't mean I can't use those words in my reply. you were giving me advice to chill and not take things seriously, basically to have fun. and I said I'm perfectly fine the way I am, don't need advice from you. as you said this is a public space, I can write what I want.

    pls stop replying this is getting ridiculous.

    I just dm you before reading this.

    I will leave now :pepecry:

    You are putting a lot of words in my mouth yikes. Talk about projections. Who ever said you are “boring” and “not mature”?

    Continue the therapy session, I didn’t barge in, this isn’t a private site so I can I come and go as I want. You clearly posted this for everyone or this would never have been posted in the first place.

    Yes my advice is still the same. Relax and chill.


    The OP is a big joke I will start to not take them seriously. Trying to act like a chart guy will false narratives.

    I was offering you my advice that was a very very long read. I spent time reading that. You don’t have to take it but also your smart ass attitude is rather ungrateful.

    I was actually hoping to make you chillax with my post.

    Anyway I don’t take things very seriously life has taught me that.

    So :pepeshock:

    i heard a 2 second clip where jk sings stay alive but it was not enough to figure out what kind of song it is :)

    what's the genre? spoil at least that :) i'd try to find the leaks but i'm useless :boredr:

    What is that all you heard?

    At first I thought it’s edm. Now the Korean part I’ve heard it’s definitely more emo rock. The guys that wrote it are the same that did Mikrokosmos

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    The answer to your question is YES.

    you clearly missed my points, but you do you

    I find writing fun and I posted a thread on a public forum, you have the right to reply ofc, but it seems like a waste of your time since you won't bother to understand anyway

    I am sensing agitations

    Here :pepelove2:

    Remeber it’s supposed to be fun :pepemusic: