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    okay the plot thickens

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    I'm part of the 85%, and the 15%.

    Now albums are only counted as a sale when it gets shipped to the buyer themselves (back then it counted immediately once payment is made)

    Yeah, that's I thought but wasn't sure. Maybe it's possible that they have so many physical albums to ship that they just got swamped and couldn't send them on time, and waited too late to start the process. I hope that's mainly what happened for the U.S. physical sales charting. To me it's unexcusable, but at least an explanation other than lack of demand.

    Another meta thing that happened today was that there was an earthquake in S.E. Taiwan that created a tsunami warning up to Japan. That may have kept ships from leaving Korea today, but that doesn't explain why these weren't shipped in late August.

    It's not blackpinks fault though?

    Maybe turn that energy towards yg/teddy? 🤔

    They say it is. They think if the Pinks are involved in selecting songs for their albums, then they must by default approve of the number of songs on the albums.

    Maybe they do. But it's an artistic choice, probably mixed with a business choice from the YG marketing people. I'd like more songs too, but these boycotts and "I'm not going to stan anymore" is just going to increase the chances that YG will give less content (yeah...that's possible) than they do now. In the YG executive mind, if BP stops being profitable...there's lots of YG boy groups and former YG talent they can join.

    I think from all we've learned over the years about YG, how they do "business," their lack of energy, their hated of spending money to make money with more frequent content, that we just have to accept that Blackpink isn't a typical Kpop girl group and never will be, and they are marketed differently. Being angry about it isn't going to change anything.

    I've also seen some commentary from Korean YouTubers and Form of Therapy that they think Blackpink will be a hip-hop/American Pop, completely Western oriented group in the future. No more of their old styles of songs. Their theories are that "Shut Down" meant they are changing musical direction, and a lot of people, especially the Korean public, aren't going to like it.......

    I mean, if you look at other stats and stuff, we should be getting more. But of course, Blinks are stressed already about it and Anons are laughing.

    Yeah, the usual suspects and anons are loving it. I really think the physical numbers will be higher when the shipping problems get worked out. I think the numbers sold are counted for charts when the album box gets scanned into the ship or airplane carrying it, or physically delivered to the post office in Korea for shipment, not when you make your credit card payment.

    It's a shipping problem. A transportation of the albums problem, not a Taennie problem.

    I pre-ordered my album from ChoiceMusicLA on August 12th. They still haven't shipped it yet. That means they didn't get it from Korea yet.

    People are panicking and starting to turn on the Pinks and their mindset about renewal and how serious they are about music and bunch of other crap. It's not time for that. We may or may not break sales records because of how sales/shipments are counted, but when adjusted numbers of sales come out in the next few weeks, a lot of 'Blinks' may be (or should be) ashamed to show their faces.

    I also bought Born Pink on Itunes. That is, I used my credit card, I had to navigate a bunch of screens and update my billing information, and eventually sign in AGAIN, but purchased it and downloaded it to my computer. So one way or another, my purchase should count.

    The whole main forum is all Pink Venom threads. I'm overwhelmed trying to keep up with everything. I'm going to log off and regroup tomorrow and catch up on everything.

    Pink Venom's growing on me every time I hear it.

    For those of you experiencing your first Blackpink comeback, enjoy it! Enjoy the chaos, the love, the haters, the changes in opinion, the milestones and records broken, the disappointed Blinks, the Blinks who love it so much they would step in front of a bus to hear it on the way to either the heaven or hell they are consigned to, because a Blackpink comeback is an EVENT.