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    Pink Venom is going to divide people. I like it, but I have to get used to it because it's a "harder" sound than usual for me, I think because of the rapping. I think the drums behind the rap are similar or sampled from Beck's "Loser," or is that the Rihanna part people are talking about? Rosé on guitar, Jisoo just REGAL stood out. I liked the bridge when the epic "bom"s came in. I like that.

    This song made me smile. I liked it and I'll play it again. That's what's important.

    I hope you're doing well ❤

    Backreading 300 pages sounds like torture though omg 😲

    I learned:

    This manga sucks

    Thor sucked

    School sucks but we make the best of it for our futures

    America sucks everything in France is better

    People got colds before each teaser

    People say "hello" and "I'm going to bed" a lot

    People earn a lot of akorns talking about absolutely nothing

    I haven't been here since August 5th because I had a medical procedure and several days later had to go to the emergency room and then the hospital to get it fixed. So I've seen all of the teasers, but haven't been able to fully enjoy everything.

    I just backread 281 pages.

    Good luck to everyone. I really don't know what the song will be like. But I'm excited and getting nervous.

    Oh wow! The YouTube countdown is being translated live!

    See ya!

    It was October, 2017.

    That summer, I hated my job and wanted to listen to "Le Internationale," the communist/socialist anthem and imagine my bosses being put against a stone wall and shot by Bolsheviks.

    I searched Youtube and found a modern version done by mainland Chinese musicians during a music competition show. One of the singers was a woman with a strong, deep voice. I read the comments to find out who she was, and learned that her name was Jike Junyi. So I started consuming everything done by Jike Junyi.

    Youtube kept recommending someone named Ailee, but I didn't want to get into JPop or whatever she was, so I igored it. But after a month or so, I decided that if I clicked it, it might go away, so I clicked it.

    That was the end of MandoPop. Everything about Ailee's video, the song, the editing, her appearance, the production, and especially her talent and how she was presented was years ahead of what I had seen in the Chinese videos. So I started consuming everything done by Ailee.

    Then Youtube kept recommending someone called "Blackpink." It was easier to check them out after being pleasantly surprised by the last jump, and I now knew they were Korean like Ailee, so I clicked.

    I saw a video for a song called "As If It's Your Last," and that was that. I've heard that song hundreds of times, and I still love it.

    That's how I found out about Blackpink.

    Apparently bp are shooting an mv :nct6:

    Now I'm excited again. They're hyping it up with "most expensive ever" etc, etc. I remember when YHS himself was hyping the D4 comeback weeks and months ahead, and people said "shut up...what if it doesn't live up to the expectations you're creating!" But of course it did. I hope something similar is happening here. Jisoo also said the song was good.....

    What if this comeback really is that good?

    My taste buds must be horrible to me. Tap water doesn't taste that bad to me at all. Then again, I also think nearly all water tastes the exact same, so what do I know?

    Yeah it really depends on where you live. The water in San Diego, where I grew up, tasted and smelled different from the water in Chico, where I went to college, and the water where I live now is different tasting and has lots of minerals that leave white "hard water" desposits on all my plastic kitchenware.

    A big difference is if your town gets its water from streams or lakes, or from wells. We use wells here.

    When I was in the military and was in different states, I noticed the water was different tasting and smelling too, but I got used to it in a few days.

    this is definitely a new perspective i never would've considered :whatk: i mean I know this is just one persons experience so I cant use it to generalise for all furries but i guess i had more negative/ completely different misconceptions about why they were interested in it :pepe-magnify:

    also if i sound insensitive/rude its not my intention to :sweatr:

    You don't sound insensitive. It's a sub-culture. I live in California (and work for a government agency so I get regular non-descrimination and anti-bias training that talks about different lifestyles) so nothing people do shocks me, but it was interesting when she first told me about it.

    ok how did she even get into that lifestyle/hobby? :pepe-narrow-eyes:

    So, in today's world, we have to stipulate that this just her experience, your milage may vary, don't paint with a broadbrush, etc. Having said that