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    If they were already in discussion with hybe after they threatened to release the document, why would hybe then release a statement with serious accusations against eunseo if a settlement was in place. Hybe literally accused Eunseo of committing a crime, why would they say that if a settlement was happening already at that point - that defeats the whole purpose of a settlement.

    1. Garam lv 5 came out

    2. Eunseo made their statment and threaten to leak the full docs

    3. Hybe made a counter statement about molka leaks but provided zero evidence

    4. Nobody believed hybe because their claims were absurd

    5. Hybe and law firm began discussion of a settlement

    6. Assumed some type of agreement was reached and garam was kicked

    Not necessarily because it's in line with hybe stating that she was a victim of bullying. That's why I said both sides have evidence but are omitting information. For eunseo, she's hiding part of the svc document eventhough her side threatened to release it. We know it was a level 5 but we don't know if it was caused by physical violence or not. However, we do know that the school documented the incident as school violence and not bullying so it's a one time incident. Again, information omitted. This is why I'm saying neither side can be fully trusted. If we're gonna judge garam for omitting info we have to do the same to eunseo. However, we can use the evidence both sides provide for context and building a bigger picture. That's my whole point for not dismissing any evidence provided.

    I said that garam has evidence that is against her.

    -which is true

    You made it seem like there was also evidence against Eunseo that has been made public

    -which is not true

    Whether Garam was bullied after the fact does nothing for her

    You claim that Eunseo was hiding something but thats not really true they were willing to leak the full docs but stopped because at that point they were in discussion with hybe. All we know is that ultimately hybe kicked her and Eunseo side seems happy with the outcome. There was no reason for Eunseo to leak anything further because public opinion was heavily on her side and even with hybe counter argument nothing changed. Leaking the full document would only hurt their leverage in negotiations. At that point it was Hybe who needed to leak not eunseo that is why i doubt hybe/garam.

    so if you're not going through all the tweets on something you're claiming, you expect us to? getting a little frustrated because I'm currently scrolling right now and having a hard time

    you dont have to believe anything i said lmao if you dont believe he got this from Chinese source you dont believe me that simple. Sorry but im not wasting my time trying to find something posted over week ago from a dude who has been spam posting about it constantly.

    is it listed in the google doc or a different tweet. You need to help us out here cause we have no idea what you're referring to here. There's many tweets and many various source links

    its in one of the first threads these come form a Chinese website of someone claiming to be a friend of garam thats where this person is getting these "leaks" from sorry im not going through all there tweets but im sure its there if your willing to do so

    For that we'll need the full svc document and the only ones that can access that are garam and eunseo, both of which seem to not want the document fully released for some reason. I don't think calling garam innocent is correct but I don't think calling eunseo innocent is either. Both sides have evidence it seems, but there is information omitted from both so it makes it hard to find a verdict. I understand you wanting more proof from garam, I think everyone does to be honest. But I don't think it's right to dismiss the evidence that is released because it provides context. Honestly, we're all pretty much useless atp since we don't have any access to info so it's just gonna go back and forward arguing over who's innocent and who's guilty. Therefore, the only one I will be taking my frustrations out on is the stupid ass hybe and the drama craving kpop stans on twitter, tiktok and YouTube. I just don't think it's right to tell people to give up on finding evidence, because what we've been given so far isn't completely useless and has provided extra insight. Just my take on the situation.

    no there is evidence against garam zero against eunseo because nothing claimed against eunseo has been proven at all literally zero. We dont even know if molka incident is real nor do we know if she got a lv 6 punishment. Garam or the molka victim has access to the records and can release them if not this entire convo is mute.

    It's a Korean texting app??? Plus if you were just going to say this about the evidence, then why did you ask in the first place

    because evidence is posted from a Chinese website at least know what your quoting

    even the pic which could be 100% fake all it says is they missed class not necessarily they were suspend from coming to school so we dont even know if it is a level 6 or if that person is eunseo its literally zero evidence


    once again post this if they have it

    Eunseo confirmed it herself that she got lvl 6 punishment

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    literally zero proof that is eunseo and im not trusting some random person on a Chinese site

    not an excuse its a fact yes she loaned her jet too others but to think the people she loaned to would have taken commercial airlines instead of the renting another private jet is laughable

    when people thought lisa bought a private jet to attend her fashion show people were literally bragging calling it a flex

    when lisa, v, and bogum took a private jet to fashion show how many people called them out?

    I usually agree, but she never signed the new contract with pledis or hybe when they move to pledis or renewing her contract far before this announcement. She already done with idol life and the fact that fromis seems never getting their breakthrough after changing company for two times before pledis and she probably see that became an actress more profitable or suitable for her than two timing her career when the other one does not seems to improve. Obviously it's tiring and focusing on one that give you more benefits especially in the future is the best. And the fact this group didn't have anywhere to grip their popularity, no international support and koreans kinda hate them for the rigging issues. For me, she's smart because she will not getting younger and this is her chance to change career path. At least she still have that chance to become main role in any drama.

    The problem i have with this is that she joined produce 48 and she continued to promote with fromis up until her contract ended when she had to have been able to just cancel her contract with otr after she didnt resign with pledis which makes me assume it had to do with the contract hybe offered and not her not being an idol.