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    From my understanding is the image used for the video was made by the yter is that also correct?

    Did you quote wrong person?

    What exactly proves she's a terrible ceo?

    It's is not illegal for hybe to file a police report even with half truths they would not be charges at all. Companies launch false investigation and law suits they know they can't win all the time to silence and cause distress to individuals all the time what would make this one diffrent?

    Comparing illit to minseo from cheese in the trap is spot on. This is what people arent understanding. They keep trying to zone in on one thing but its all of it together. Its one thing for someone to wear the same shirt but its another for someone to copy your shirt, jeans, hat, bracelet, and even socks lmao.

    Reading her new statement, she indirectly admitted she lied previously re the meeting with foreign investors tho. Would the courts care if HYBE hates MHJ because it seems the feelings were obviously mutual. Also the police a a regulators will reject HYBE’s filing if their evidence is crapcrap

    She did not lie. She claimed she has never met with any investors so seize hybe management rights. She did not meet with the investors the vp did and the meeting was not made to get the investors to buy ador from hybe. No lie.

    hybe releases half truth

    Ador releases more context proving innocence

    This is like the 3rd time hybe has released a claim with bs evidence smh how do people not see they are grasping for anything.

    And for the 1000th time they reiterate that's they are fully aware that they own only 20% shares while hybe owns 80% and that it's literally IMPOSSIBLE to take over hybe this is said again over and over why do people actually think they would attempt to do it smh.

    For directly naming the group into her mess and dragging them and their concept to filth, causing large stream of delulu fans of her and her group to hate on IllIt

    It doesn't matter if it is because HYBE caused her brain to become delulu or she is already a crazy witch from the start

    She is a grown ass adult dragging a bunch of kids and blasting them publicly to everyone, inviting hate towards them

    Blame hybe for making it public when it all could yave been handled internally

    She should transfer her shares of Ador back to BSH ... after all, it was he who lent her money to buy the shares. Where on earth can you find a boss willing to lend you so much money so you can own a stake in the company?

    "lend" yes as in she needs to pay him back the money she borrowed and yes she can only sell back the shares she bought back to hybe. And can only sell all of it when they let her. That comes with a non-compete how generous of them smh.

    if we really take this info at face value, it seems like hybe does want to get the best producer possible for nwjns to replace mhj. and it does make sense that it would take a while to get the person fully signed on and working on content for a cb. a hiatus that long would suck, but it doesnt seem like it implies the girls will get no activities. as ive stated in other posts, i don't think their planned album and tour should be scrapped, but i do wonder if planning for album songs and concept is simply incomplete or if they just just don't want to use anything from mhj anymore. either way, i have already backtracked bc i did not know that this info was from park jiwon. i did not read the article and only saw a summary posted by someone here. my point still stands that the parents shouldn't be talking to the media tho.

    ive already said my piece on other things.

    Once again a company that wont even bother with basic respect of acknowledging a greeting does not have the best interest of new jeans.

    They can look for their Grammy producer while giving new jeans a comeback while doing so there's a reason they have no intention of doing so. Of course parents should talk to the media if hybe is going to use them in their lies.

    who said im "surprised" people are upset. because im not. i just think its funny that was some sort of smoking gun to prove hybe hates newjeans. if a major concern here has been the "damaging of newjeans' brand", then that will still be a concern when this whole battle has wrapped up, no?

    i personally don't think hybe should put them on a hiatus nearly that long, especially when they were allegedly supposed to release a full album at the end of this year and tour next year. they should be allowed to carry out any activities that were already planned. im just also not sure i believe a parent would have verified info that the group was supposed to go on hiatus if mhj was removed. who would have told the parents that i wonder.

    Park Ji Won then came later and stated after NewJeans performs at the tokyo dome (after Min Hee Jin’s departure), HYBE was planning on putting NewJeans on a long hiatus. I couldn’t ask how long the hiatus will be, but Park Ji Won said that they are looking for a grammy-award winning producer, which would take at least a year and a half. He said that he would try to find one as soon as possible, but we felt that was how long the hiatus would be.

    they didn't ask and they didn't go seeking that information. The chairman of hybe can't he be bothered to respond to a greeting and you think they aren't hated? Smh

    But it's funny how yall continue with mjh boogeyman theories.

    are you really acting like bts isn't already on a 2 year hiatus bc of their military service as we speak lol. my only point was that even mhj gave them a nearly 1 year hiatus in their "rookie years" but suddenly a 1.5 year hiatus from hybe is the most malicious thing ever and would destroy them. nwjns parents are apparently pulling their hair out over illit even being mentioned in the same articles as nwjns so maybe the girls do need a hiatus to let the media storm clear after all this. it isn't going to be pretty regardless of the outcome. but if they want the girls to keep promoting through all of it, more power to them. i personally think newjeans will be fine either way, unless they terminate their contracts with hybe and end up in a legal battle over masters or whatever else.

    Yea 10 months since an offical comeback which many fans did not like so why are you surprised we would be upset with another one over twice as long so soon :facepalm:

    I hope this is just a sample and that they cleared it (although the artist of the song bubblegum is compared with said they were going to look into it on twitter so seems like they weren't aware?) or it'll be too fucking funny

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    Honestly i can't wait for Bubblegum to come out on streaming, it's so good v-v

    This song is a cleared sample its been used multiple times for many songs. Theres already articles shooting down this bs and articles delted from hybe bs media play.