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    They already address it though ... :skull:

    I mean MHJ is a fucking weirdo but uses terrorism as a group?

    people go so low now :sweat:

    Saying that ETA stands for estimated time of arrival without stating anything else is not addressing it.

    I mean, maybe people are reaching, idk. But I think it is best that they address it in a professional way (not like the cookie statement). But imo, there are too many coincidences and it would be good for the group as well as company image if they cleared it up asap.

    I don’t think it’ll be a terrorist concept anyway. I think MHJ is a messed up but smart woman who probably uses noise marketing and then gaslights people once they point it out

    Welp, I really hope that this is a coincidence and that the NJ girls won’t have to suffer through this controversy.

    I’d like to say I don’t believe that is has zero connections but atp I don’t put anything past MHJ.

    Still hope for the best for the girls tho, they’re too sweet and talented to be affected by this.

    EDIT: I’d like to add that despite me disliking tokkis as much as I do, I get the desire to defend your faves. However, that MHJ woman is insane and should be held accountable (as in, she should release a proper fucking statement). Blindly defending her is not helpful and I’m to this day amazed at the fact that she got away with the cookie controversy.

    She just seems like a woman who stops at nothing to get what she wants. I really feel sorry for the Nj members

    Maybe the simple truth is Yujin is not popular among international fans compared to say Karina or Wonyoung. All of her accolades that you mentioned are not even known to me, and I follow IVE (not that closely though). Maybe it’s known more by Koreans and not international fans.

    We’ll, I am aware of the fact that she’s not very popular among internationals, but what I find interesting is that her Korean popularity hasn’t really translated into respect from internationals in any kind of way. Internationals for example don’t stan Lim Young Woong, but they know that he’s really, really popular in Korea. So I had wondered why that didn’t happen with Yujin. Some theorize it’s because WY overshadows her and I think it’s partially that.

    I think people bought into the „WY is like the Suzy of IVE“ narrative so much more that nobody even thinks about the other IVE members.

    I mean, I’ve finally seen people start talking about her again, but I still find it fascinating how little they talk about her if you think about it.

    She is one of the first idols ever to have a solo bank CF, her variety show is massively popular, her Kitsch fancam went viral in Korea- people on Reddit acknowledge that solo success wise, she’s only after WY in 4th Gen

    - yet I see only very few more people talk about her or acknowledge her. I really wonder why that is

    It's been a month since this CB came out, now it comes to you mind to criticize the choreography, I don't think it's a bad choreography, but I'm tired some of you insisting on the choreography bad. You may not like it, but girls don't do the choreography as you said and I wouldn't be mind if you made a headline by softening the comments this choreo is looks awkward. I don't believe your comment that you love Le Sserafim. If you loved, you would ignore one dance choreography.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I haven’t been active on this forum this month so I had no idea that people have been criticising it. I don’t see a reason to soften my comments because my criticism wasn’t directed at the group.

    And whether I like LSRF is not for you to decide.

    I'm confused because when you said "they" it makes it seem like OP made this thread a second time

    What I did say earlier is if you search OP's threads it's literally all about IVE and Yujin, and they made like only 1 thread about another group out of 20+ other threads. And people are trying to make it seem like it is DIVES trying to shit on LSFM by equating 1 thread out of 20+ threads made by OP which I don't think seems right.

    It's like when I say "I hate pasta" and some random stranger come up to me and be this "this is so suspicious that an Asian hates pasta do they hate Italians?" when it's like 3 words said out of a thousand other sentences I've said over the past month

    Thanks for defending me Icy, I never expected that people would accuse me of hating LSRF :cryingr:

    Like I was probably out there stanning Chaewon and Sakura before most of them even knew that they existed and saw what they had to offer

    something about a Dive making shady post about LSRF. They have other better choreo to praise and you choose this to talk about? hmm :pepe-narrow-eyes:

    It's the same person who did Antifragile.

    Their worst? yes

    one of the worst in kpop? you're exaggerating. it's still decent and has some nice parts.

    but yes let's move to the superior Eve's choreography please.

    I‘m sorry but at what point was a shading LSFR the group?

    I agree that IVE doesn’t have the best dance link in kpop, but you know that my criticism wasn’t pointed at your faves, so why are you shading my faves?

    I was shading the CHOREOGRAPHER. I think the CHOREO is terrible, not the way it’s executed or that the group consists of terrible dancers.

    I am still very attached to Chaewon because I used to be a WIZ*ONE from 2018-2021 so I think it’s hilarious that you think I’d shade her, too.

    I am actually very happy about LSRF being a successful group and really enjoy their music.

    My only two issues related to LSRF are their fans because they are obsessed with hating on my favourite group and I think that their choreos besides Eve and Antifragile are lame.

    No need to become so defensive and start insulting IVE

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    I was watching this video and I once again noticed how AWFUL the choreography is. Even having good dancers doesn’t make it better, which wows me even more. What did the choreographer fucking think?

    I think it’s incredibly disappointing how they had such a catchy choreo like Antifragile just to put this out afterwards.

    Sorry for the rant, I just had to get this off me chest.

    Gigs in a particular country, in this case its Korea, is a measure of popularity in that country. So if a group, such a NJs is getting 80% of all the new top tier CFs, then they are the most popular in that country, as the top companies want who is the most popular.

    Dives did the same in Ive's Love Dive era, then boom, out of nowhere NJs appeared and crashed their party.

    How did Dives brag about IVE‘s top tier CFs if IVE as a group don’t even have them, especially not during LD era? If we’re talking about individual CFs, sure Yujin and WY did have them at that point, but not the rest of the group.

    And I stand by my case that the way Yujin and Wo young became ambassadors feels way more natural and authentic, since it didn’t happen after what feels like mere seconds after their debut (the individual initial ones)

    Nope in its first week Ditto got 27,386,555 on Circle.

    Second week 33,314,252.

    And then the peak highest peak overall in the first week in 2023.

    So I AM Overall outpeaked Ditto on Circle regarding streams

    I think that's the reason why i didn't like this song so much

    it sound a lot like Antifragile, which isn't bad

    but since they are so close musically, i can't help but compare them and feel underwhelmed by Unforgiven

    Yeah I know what you mean. On the one hand it’s cool that their concept and sound is cohesive, on the other hands it can invite comparisons like these. I guess we’ll see whether it’s worth the „risk“.