YooA lost weight after taking corona vaccines: "I didnt know I would go down to 30kg range"

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    YooA didn't attend Cultwo Show recordings because she wasn't feelin well

    she explained a bit on Universe App

    “Aigoo I regret it a lot (for not attending Cultwo Show maybe)”
    “It’d be great if I can see you in Cultwo Show”
    “Seems I still have serious after effects”
    “The side effect was serious when I took vaccine TT seems there are Keuries who have series after effects too, I'm worried"
    “Keuries worried that I went on strict diet”

    “(But it was because) after I got the vaccine, I lost a lot of weight TT it’s the side effect”
    “I didnt know I would go down to 30kg range TT”
    “I lost muscles and weight so my stamina has gone down. I’m sad TT”

  • I didn't know vaccines has that kind of side effects. I know you'll get headaches and have fevers but

    weight loss? :cursing: :cursing:

    well let's say you have small fever but you are preparing for comeback

    so you go and do choreo routine for few hours

    and this is when it actually hits the body the most

    this is why it was recommended by doctors to take vaccine and then just stay and chill in home for 3-4 days

  • Please, don't get excited about it. It is an unhealthy way to lose weight because it has side effects. A corona vaccine can get your body, nervous system, and muscles through much stress. This is why you have a fever and headaches and do not want to eat. Still, it could result in weak muscles, bones, and minds in the future. So, lose weight naturally. Track your body fat on a smart scale. Eat healthy food and fewer calories than you burn by practicing sports. This way, you will lose body fat in no time, get high-quality results, and feel happy about yourself.

  • Interesting since weight gain is a known side affect but I guess she could have had a bout of diarrhea which can cause weight loss

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