• hi billlie!!ive been a fan since pre-debut and once you debuted you immediately became my favourite girl group!!i have a lot of questions hehe:

    1.This one is towards Tsuki:Have you seen your viral fancam?if so, what were your reactions when receiving all those nice complements (which were deserved of course!!)

    2.Why is billlie the best,most talented girl group that also have the best music?

    3.Sheon, which participant from girls planet 999 do you consider closest with you?

    4.What’s your girls’ favourite song from your discography so far?

    5.Proudest achievement and goal you wish to achieve in the future?

    6.Haruna,debuting at such a young age must be really hard for you, how do you deal with the stress busy schedules can cause?

    7.Which group do you look up too and do you have any idol friends?

    8.Which allkpop theme/style is your favourite?

    I appreciate and love you girls so much and I wish success for all of your future projects!We bellie’ve will always support you even during your hardships!!

    tsuki marry me

  • Riiip I think I wrote too much and it was probably hard to read lmao

  • johnny

    Changed the title of the thread from “BILLLIE x AKP Red Carpet Q&A” to “[COMPLETE] BILLLIE x AKP Red Carpet Q&A”.

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