Is it disrespectful if non-Korean idol doesn't follow korean culture?

  • I was reading everglow Yiren controversy and I never thought of non korean idol not following korean culture , Chinese , Thai Japanese idols have different culture than Korean will it be disrespectful if they don't follow korean culture?

    imo I think it's fine if they don't but I'm not korean , even though chinese, japanese and Thai have kneeling bow , but not all of them do it for the same occasion or purpose as korean, as long as she respect the culture korean should respect her culture too

  • can't speak for chinese/korean traditions since obviosly im neither, but as i said in the other thread, i think its fine. i don't follow a lot of cultural traditions because it clashes with my religion.

    it doesn't mean im being disrespectful, im just choosing to follow my beliefs over the beliefs of others around me.

  • If a part of a certain culture doesn’t align with one’s own beliefs, I don’t think it’s fair to force them to follow it and/or bash them for refusing.

    As long as the idol is not being disrespectful to said culture, people should try to be understanding.

  • To a degree......yah.

    But let's be real here: the whole Yiren thing is just an excuse for knetz to throw Xenophobic and anti-Chinese hate. Its not the first time and it won't be the last


  • kind of yes. It really depends on the case. If its something everyone knows then yes especially if they have lived in korea for a while. But if its something that requires diving really deep into the culture then no.

  • depends on the case

    in general, being an immigrant means you should be following certain traditions and cultural features (unless they directly contradict with your believes) because after all you're now part of their society, which as every other society in every other country, has it's norms

    BUT in Yerin's case in particular - it's stupid to hate on her and knetz simply use it to fuel their irrational xenophobia for chinese idols

  • I don’t think it’s fair to say that you don’t follow someone culture for not doing 1 thing out of 100 other things you DO do.

    I’m all about act like Romans do when in Rome but if some etiquette clashes or violate your personal belief then it’s okay to not do it and compromise in other ways. I’m big proponent of respect but it’s a two way street though. Respect others but respect yourself as well.

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