Do you think they’ll be able to break their own records or did they set the bar too high for themseves?

  • BP cant beat it with another HYLT, d4, etc. BP needs SEA to break the record, and they love a good ass shaker

    unless BTS can grow a fuckload, I think dynamite is capped.

    if TWICE went cute, I think they could

    NCT seems to be growing and with kpop expanding, I can see it.

    SVT is capped out, groups like SKZ, txt, NCT are making too much noise

  • Groups keep relying on the heavy use of youtube ads and bunch of versions of the same album so it isn’t really that difficult to surpass themselves

  • Twice got their MV records thanks to ads, if they do ads again they might surpass their record, otherwise no. Breaking album record sales for them is not that hard imo they can manage

    BP maybe, not sure. Depends on how much funding their fans will name next time

    BTS will break again , unless they keep their current strategy of a very expensive one album version

    RV not sure either

    SVT and NCT will both have higher sales, that's a given

  • Indeed BP 2021 era will out do their 2020 releases

    Bonus if they follow the same schedule or at least the Pre-release then album

    That way tracking the growth will be very simple

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