So there was already a petition for Snowdrop and ...

  • i don't think snowdrop will be cancelled tbh, so far there was no distortion of history unlike some are claiming. The ANSP is portrayed in a bad light just it was in real life. heard some argue that they weren't portrayed "violent" or bad "enough" but they need to take into consideration the group age of this drama (13+) and the fact that it is in fact NOT a historical drama.

    That's what i dont get. They are clearly being portrayed in a bad light but this tweet is basically say that's not enough. Its almost like they want more violence. No one will watch SD and say, "these are the good guys".

    Its a drama not a documentary.

    So what exact distortion are they referring to?

    Honestly, i really think they are nitpicking at this point.

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  • they're nitpicking, there will certainly be no gruesome scenes in a 13+ drama. so they shouldn't be expecting mass torture or anything, just the NSA being portrayed as the bad guys.

  • No reason to call someone stupid.

    stop being aggressive about a topic which is normally discussed here. The point was that not only the government knew about the problematic but people who paid for the drama to be produced didn't stop the production. Even when the government acts the way you described, it can be different in other countries. These were normal questions and can be normal answered (which you did in the following sentences but if you call people stupid for asking something I think you get the whole free country point wrong).

    The article made it look the way that the blue house gave their permission for the drama so I think it is no surprise many people (me too) misunderstood it.

    We all have cultural differences and I think everyone has a right to discuss it or question it.

    ᒪᗩᑕKIᑎK IYOᑌᖇ ᖇEᗩ

    кιм נєηηιє ⭐︎ ℓαℓιѕα мαησвαη ⭐︎ ραяк ¢нαєуσυηg ⭐︎ кιм נιѕσσ



  • Dude this topic has been done to death from the beginning when it announced and plot details explained which led to the outcry from the beginning leading to gov petitions you mentioned. The controversy has been detailed over and over and even if you're not Korean or into Kdramas (both apply to me) the gist of the controversy is still pretty well known and easy to find by this point (or just shoved in your face with the number threads made about it lol). The biggest bombshell is still likely to come regarding whether he is a spy or not and there’s supposedly no hint that it’s changed. That includes the blue house petition which amounted to nothing.

    So when I saw you thread I can't help but eye roll because it's like you and others I've seen in Twitter and such ignore what's been happening and come up with your narratives to support your faves (like the ratings thread you made praising jisoo) and damn everything else. As you said it's a free country so we can discuss these topics but it’s a 2way street, if I feel that you did have a very stupid opinion then I should be allowed to call you out on it. I'm not gonna apologise for that.

  • i think your missing the point of that tweet

    -its laughable to believe nsa would wait for a warrant when tracking a nk spy they were just in a gun fight with

    -wouldnt immediately arrest dorm director for interfering with investigation

    - would not remove the women from the bath and conduct an actual search lmao instead the nsa was kind and only allowed the female to enter the bath and was completely understanding and kind to the 3 female students they believe were helping a nk spy

  • Not surprised. Nobody in Korea cares, the Pann, Naver, whatever commenters online are literally just trolls and antis that want to see Jisoo burn. If it was some rando nobody getting the starring role, nobody would be talking about it online.

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