Will gfriend be affected by Sowon’s actions and possible scandal? *UPDATE*

  • No I don’t think it will because gfriend don’t have a big western following and people are hurt but if she and the company give a sincere apology, anybody can recognize that it’s not maliciously done and it was a good opportunity for everyone to learn and be better

  • kpop fans can debate till their blue in the face on whether she knew or not, if she didn't the Korea school system needs some serious reform. Every school in every country should be aware of the atrocities that happened with the nazi movement, not just Germany but other countries involved. This is something that rocked the world and involved many countries on both sides, its global issue and history and should be treated as such. Just like other atrocities not related to nazi's should be global history, often times the horrors another country experience have happened or will happen in other countries throughout history.

    So whether she knew or not she should apologize, lack of knowledge and ignorance of how your actions can hurt others does not excuse your mistakes.

  • 3. The holocaust is referenced regularly in pop culture consumed by everyone including Korea audience- so she definitely heard or saw something resembling the uniform and symbols attached to it.

    i believe she's ignorant and she actually does not know because i don't think anyone would do this on purpose, let alone a public figure lol

    nevertheless it was wrong and should be addressed


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  • I know about Nazis and understand the outrage because it’s a serious problem but to be honest even though I know Nazis and recognize their outfit and symbols, it took me few seconds to realize that the mannequin was a nazi. When I realized I understand why it’s wrong. It’s probably because I am dense but sometimes you really don’t notice these things unless you’re exposed to them most of your life. Didn’t rm go through similar thing for wearing a nazi hat before? I remember I didn’t recognize that wearing that hat was a big deal because in my head it was a certain foreign style and also didn’t know its connection yo Nazis.

    Either way it’s the right thing that people tell her about her mistake and for her to apologize but this whole situation just made me think on how many things I wouldn’t have noticed that is associated to disgusting tragedies. This is not deflecting. I have never been a gf fan but I feel like I can’t really drag her when I can be that ignorant on something else. It’s scary how I can be wearing or doing something offensive to a tragedy or group of people without realizing. Just now I read the post that mentioned how the native Americans were deceived and were given chickenpox to lessen their numbers. I have never heard of that and I always thought that they were just invaded to “share” the land. Ignorance is embarrassing so it’s hard to admit that I might do something as horrible to someone somewhere in the world out of my ignorance. Obviously I would want to be corrected and would apologize but just saying for what it is worth if this makes it any less hurtful, if you’re hurt by something others do, know that most people would know the action is wrong if they knew what they were doing and that they didn’t actually mean it.

  • Tbh I really don't think she was trying to do anything with that pic, most people associated nazi uniform with the Swastika and from the photo it doesn't look like this mannequin had any visible one. Its very likely she just thought it was some random soldier and it was probably an stupid mistake. I think she should just explain the situation and apologize.

  • miss-z

    Changed the title of the thread from “Will gfriend be affected by Sowon’s actions and possible scandal?” to “Will gfriend be affected by Sowon’s actions and possible scandal? *UPDATE*”.
  • This is coming from someone living in Asia.

    Yes everyone should or would have learned about the Nazis involvement in WW2. However, the hatred is more towards Japan rather than Nazis because during the war it was mainly Japan that was invading and torturing the people in Asian countries. You know what we remember? We remember how the British surrender my country to the Japanese

    Like if you ask my parents about it maybe they might not even know about it because their knowledge is more revolved around Japan and not Germany. But then again I was taught about it in schools so I would think SK would also educate them about it.

    It was insensitive of Sowon to do what she did but I don’t think she did it out of any malicious intent, maybe a bit of ignorance. She should apologise regardless.

    Tbh I actually didn’t know the mannequin was an outfit of a Nazi uniform until you guys mentioned it? It’s just me though the symbol that we recognise most is the square symbol or something so I wouldn’t recognise the uniform. But of course I do think there would be some message or notice saying that the soldier is wearing a Nazi uniform so still, not excusable

  • I think no, she's not malicious as per some AKP members had been preaching. I think people should just chill and not be offended at every turn, and I'm consistently noticing the pattern here with regards to western fans, a little bit entitled I think.

    Western people did offensive things all the time and not much Asians are triggered. We just move on politely.

    A rational person would only see this as a small mistake, probably ignorance at best.

  • Just reading coments in this thread makes me sick. No wonder people, or how your ignorant asses like to call them locals, because they dare not to care about some music genre, don't like Kpop. There is nothing an idol can do, that the lot of you wont try to excuse. This woman posted a pic with a nazi solider, got called out on it on one platform, then went on to another platform to post the same thing because her fans are "jealous". The narcissism just jumped out! And please, this is not just some issue, it's world history and the freaking holocaust we are talking about. I could understand someone uneducated, from a third world country not to know about it, but a Korean, with their own WWII history and education system, no, no way.

    She didn’t post on weverse. Get your fact straight! She just posted the photos on instagram and some fans bring it to weverse.

  • some people are really airhead, naive and know little about the general knowledge.

    you don't expect kpop idol who spend their whole life in the training center to be as knowledgeable as the educated people.

    tbh I didn't even know that wax figure? is the Nazi soldier.

    if she apologized and delete the post, it should be fine. I don't see why we should dragged her more.

  • Not Sinb calling her Kitler wtf

    Have you ever said "grammar Nazi" before? Have you ever made jokes about Kim Jong-un before? Are you okay with people saying "grammar Nazi" and "feminazi"?

    If so, SinB calling her "Kitler" is really no different from that. It's just a name. She was not glorifying Hitler or saying Hitler was good.

    It only seems bad now due to the recent incident, but nobody cared back then.

  • Stop defending your idols and instead help them educate themselves. Coming up with the excuse that koreans don't know much about the ww is ridiculous. It's called WORLD WAR for a reason?? Everyone studies it, even if they don't, it's something that everyone knows something about, it's a WORLD WAR guys, come on. And koreans already explained they study about this so people living out of korea - stop making up stuff to justify the situation.

    In the past gfriend member called another member "kitler" and they joked around couple of times about that. They know who's hitler and made such insensitive jokes, such grown women... Embarrassing.

    They are definitely over for international fans. They were exposed for appropriating and disrespecting other cultures as well, people pretty much gave up on them (except their stans of course but that's it). They had the potential but they ruined their own careers..

  • In the past gfriend member called another member "kitler" and they joked around couple of times about that. They know who's hitler and made such insensitive jokes, such grown women... Embarrassing.

    Why's it okay for people to call others "grammar Nazi" and "feminazi," then? Why's it okay for Hollywood to make a comedy movie about Kim Jong-un when he's supposed to be an evil dictator? Nobody has any outrage over that. "Kitler" was just a nickname; it wasn't mean to praise Hitler or say he was good.

    Let's leave the other GFRIEND member out of this. She has nothing to do with it.

    As for this particular situation, I'm just hoping Sowon didn't know it was a statue of a Nazi soldier, instead assuming it's just some European soldier. People talk a lot about a swastika on the uniform and all that, but I don't see it. If it's there, it's really small and barely visible. I didn't know whatever eagle on the hat was part of Nazi imagery until this incident, so I can see people simply not knowing. Of course everyone knows about the Holocaust, but not everyone knows what a Nazi uniform specifically looks like when there's no clear swastika on it.

  • Why's it okay for people to call others "grammar Nazi" and "feminazi," then? Why's it okay for Hollywood to make a comedy movie about Kim Jong-un when he's supposed to be an evil dictator? Nobody has any outrage over that. "Kitler" was just a nickname; it wasn't mean to praise Hitler or say he was good.

    So just because other people are disrespectful and say things which they shouldn't ever say your fave's actions are excused? What's that first grade way of thinking? "I did something bad but it's okay because those kids over there do bad things too" No, it doesn't work that way.

    Stop excusing the situation, please. Calling her member kitler means:

    1. She definitely knows who is hitler and what has he done

    2. She compares someone to a cruel man which is..

    3. She jokes about a situation which shouldn't be joked around

  • Running in circles is what's happening now in this thread. Solid points have been made, nobody adresses them but keeps on rehashing the same manufactured speech. Abilty to reason? Down the drain. Ability to be a parrotting bigot? Off the f'n charts. Bunch of kiddos I guess.

    In number theory, a perfect number is a positive integer that is equal to the sum of its positive divisors, excluding the number itself. For instance, 6 has divisors 1, 2 and 3 (excluding itself), and 1 + 2 + 3 = 6, so 6 is a perfect number.

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