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    Don't take this personally but I think the bullying to you damaged your mental if you are the first one to defend your bully.

    So it's okay to Bully and destroy someones mental health because the person itself have a hard life? Lmao

    It's called karma.

    If a 15yo kid bully someone and make someones life a hell then it's payback time for this person.

    Especially in a country like South Korea where bullying in school is even higher and worse than europe/American its a good and important sign to show teenagers that everything will comeback to bite you if you don't have proper clean life.

    And for soljin case where she denied at first and lied to her company and let her pyscho fans attack the victim, I don't think that she changed that much.

    Hard to say. Both NCT and Seventeen are millions sellers plus the voting gonna be hardcore. At least on Mubank and MuCore aespa doesnt stand a chance. Inkigayo on locked

    MuCore they do have a bigger chance.

    From the 11k points only 3k are albums+voting.

    So they have definitely a bigger chance.

    Inkigayo the same and Show champion also.

    Against Blackpink in other Hand its only a 10% and against BTS even unpromoted from the 0%chance.

    Kpop In Germany it's still nowhere to be found.

    Maybe the reason is that the country is still conservative when it comes to Asians generally let alone kpop or the music from Asia.

    The country itself is slowly waking up about clima, feminism and rascim against black people and other European nations.

    But when it comes to Asians its still treated as a joke.

    Even the rascist attack against Bts from the Moderator from a radio station was seem as normal.

    So it's hard for kpop to grow in Germany.

    Beside for BTS and little bit blackpink its a small niche.

    I will ignore the "discussion" a blink and some mys had here...

    About Aespa. Next Level is proving how powerful they can be. It's a great song, the girls talent are unbelievable amazing, they are BREAKING records! Their stability on charts is crazy too.

    I will say it again, Aespa reminds me of BLACKPINK (even thought BP debuted with a mega hit) every time they break records, people will always appear to disagree or just make it seem like an "ok" thing.

    So i will keep my AesPink agenda!

    Reminds you of what?

    Damn users in this forum do everything for reactions.

    Armys are so fragile to fail for this trolling lmao


    your qoute is wrong I didn't wrote that.


    The Gaon retail chart shows sales from KOREAN Shops, not from Koreans. A big big difference. Most Chinese bulks are from Korean sites where these are also hanteo certificated.


    Where I am hating? For stating numbers? How about you to stop being so emotional and insecure about this topic?

    Nct dream have actually no big impact or anything to justify to say that they have fanbase in the states or Europa that the most sales from the 2M sales are coming from there.

    this should have been your sole argument. don't give these pathetic xenophobes any more attention

    don't you know? asian fans are lesser than americans and therefore their sales and contributions don't matter :pepe-toast:

    Nobody said that.

    But what can I expect from you?

    Reading and understanding simple words is already a hard task for you.

    Are you serious? The topic is about China sales and I implied that the most sales from nct dream is coming from China and that's a fact, Idk why are you so insecure about that lmaoo.

    And why you don't show the comebacks from the last 2 years from Twice?

    How about that you read your comments and reread the topic?

    You wanna prove me that nct dream would chart when they have the distribution when in fact that they don't have any demand in the US.

    But comparing 2nd generation groups whithout any distribution 8 years ago or a rookie Bts 6 years ago are another level for a SM group in 2021 with 2M sureeeeee😂