What's Gonna Be The Next Big Male Followed Group

  • What's Gonna Be The Next Big Male Followed Group?

    TWICE held the male demographic for early 3rd gen.

    And IZONE finished it out with huge numbers once TWICE abandoned cute.

    Who's gonna be the next group big with males again?

    Now that IZONE is disbanded and TWICE is pursuing a different demo.

    I'm curious who's gonna inherit that huge base.

    Note:. Obviously all groups have male followings to an extent. But I'm talking those mass attractors that have huge swaths of males going crazy for them like TWICE and their early peak and IZONE during their run.

  • Stayc seems the most likely

    The only thing about them is they have a somewhat girl crush vibe about them at times that may hinder mass male followings on the level of IZONE or TWICE.

    They run a fine line. And their last comeback toned down the girl crush a bit. Went more cute so I see it more now than I would have if you'd said the same thing after their first comeback.

  • The only thing about them is they have a somewhat girl crush vibe about them at times that may hinder mass male followings on the level of IZONE or TWICE.

    They run a fine line. And their last comeback toned down the girl crush a bit. Went more cute so I see it more now than I would have if you'd said the same thing after their first comeback.

    I think they'll stick with the cute concept cause Asap seems to be more popular than So Bad.

  • i dont think cute concept has literally anything to do with male or female

    females are a whooping huge majority of the kpop consumptions

    its just that they dont like cute groups which makes it seem like males like those groups more

    its upto the female audience who they choose to like more among the popular groups

    the other one will always seem like having a more male audience

  • You're right that females often drive the lion's share of consumption.

    But I don't think the "mass male followed group" is an illusion.

    Take a listen to TWICE's peak music shows.

    The male dominance in chants is distinctive.

    Ditto for your fan signing breakdowns of these groups during their peaks.

    There is a mass of males who want a youthful cute group and will provide dedicated obsessive behavior to propel a girl group or two at a time to dominance.

    Also just based on my subjective anecdotal experience.

    Certain groups act as a critical mass for large male followings. My observations lead me to believe this.

  • I also think men seem to like ggs with cute/bright concepts more. It doesn't matter that women stanning male groups make it seem like too many men stan girl groups because then every girl group would have had as many male fans as twice

    If stayc keep that concept and keep growing then they're the only ones I can think of. Weeekly is possible too but stayc blew up first so I'll bet on stayc for now

  • nah

    twice had a huge female following that was just not visible because the male to female ratio was higher than normally seen in kpop

    even if you think twice had a lot of male fans, most fans on viral blogs and videos about twice were by far and large still female

    and most of those bulk buys probably came from females too

    they lost their momentum because they themselves abandoned something special

    and i say this as someone who still loves the girls dearly but absolutely cannot get into their music anymore

    twice to many fans and nearly the entirety of south korean population, was a place of comfort. Like a feeling of going home and being put to sleep by your mom. It didnt matter what she sang, or how big your home was, or what you ate there. It was just a comfort zone that helped you relax and feel warm and accepted. That's why they did well no matter what they released.

    The moment they abandoned their extremely sincere image in favour for "trying to explore and be more artistic" that feeling was gone

    art comes from within

    you cannot force yourself to change into something just because you want to

    most artists mingle with different things before finding where they belonged

    twice had it from the get go and abandoned it in search for more

    if they ever go back to that sound that signalled nostalgia for adults and a place to relax for the tired and a ray of hope for a better tomorrow for the upset, thats when they'll find everything they already had

    the people didnt leave them

    they are the ones who changed

  • Interesting topic. I'm male and personally adore Red Velvet without boundary (especially Irene) and they will always be my very favorite.

    I do really enjoy what ITZY is doing at the moment. IZ One was definitely the cutest gg.

    I've always been curious as to what makes up majority of the male kpop fan base. There's some excellent guy groups, Stray Kids is a fav. But I gravitate towards the girl groups myself and for my wife it's the opposite.

  • I still disagree with you about TWICE not having a large male following. I'm not denying they had femlaes as well. I just think the male "stickage" was definitely of a larger degree than other groups. In any case we'll have to disagree on that point.

    But oh my god I love the rest of your post.

    You summed up beautifully in words where I think TWICE lost its magic. They turned away that sincere and relatable place of warmth and comfort for something else that in my opinion didn't replace it.

    I am exactly in agreement with that assessment.

  • Twice pre concept change very much had equal amount of female and male fans. I remember seeing one survey of this too on old akp.


    People are getting too hung up on zero sum game analysis.

    I'm not saying TWICE was only followed by males.

    I'm saying they had very large male followings.

    That doesn't mean they didn't have huge female followings as well.

  • i think it comes too much from wanting to reach western audiences

    the whole celebrities are untouchable larger than life figures might work in certain places

    but historically, even until recent past, in all of asia, south east west north, some of the most beloved pop singer icons were singers who were relatable and sincere figures that made the people feel connected inside, not some spectacle to gawk at

    and thats why as i said, gender didnt matter when it came to people liking twice or boygroups like bigbang too

    sadly, male interest in kpop esp in korea is lowering drastically and more and more groups with the high and haughty image are popping up, esp even girlgroups cause they realize that's the strongest niche in the market and catering to the everyday joe wont bring them money or hype anymore

  • This is one of the reasons the Western expansion of kpop is detrimental to my personal enjoyment of kpop.

    I am in line with Asia in this thinking and have never been attracted to the larger than life aspect.

    That's why WEEEKLY has been on my radar. Though they haven't made that spark with me like TWICE did.

    But the pickings are slimmer and slimmer these days.

    Larger than life is in.

  • yes

    im greater than thou you cant wear this gucci

    look at my achievements you cant compare

    my attitude is too much for you

    where are my haters i wanna fuck em up

    look at my body its so good dont you dare judge

    these themes may appeal to specific audiences and if so, good for them but a large majority of the adult and busy population doesnt have time to care for these issues esp coming from external sources

    messages, even related to these issues, portrayed in a way that actual living working people can connect to and find peace in, are being replaced rapidly

    pop culture is not for the mainstream anymore

    its becoming a bigger and stronger niche where you either you get too engrossed by it, or dont find anything in it at all

  • I see. I agree that Twice had a big male following. I thought u were implying majority male fans due to the izone example instead of a huge following.

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