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  • hello ~

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    • Greetings.

    • your dp <3 I need irene to have purple hair again, the color looked so good on her

      are you excited for queendom?

    • I'm beyond excited. You? Every new promo pic is crushing my heart </3

      And yes, I love the purple hair color on Irene. There's a fan meet when she's got that hair and wearing a top hat with bunny ears. So cute!

    • yeah I'm excited as well! I want to see the MV teaser already! also I can't wait to see the album details ;( kpop has been so dry without RV, and I'm glad we can see all 5 of them together again

      omg I know exactly what you're talking about! she looked so good (but then again doesn't she always look good loool) original visual for sure ^^ I regret not going to a RV concert when I could have... imagine seeing her irl! one of my friends has seen her and talked about how gorg she is!

  • Hello,

    Wanna join Mamamoo tag list ? :pepelove2:

    • I would love that! (Thought I already responded to this🤔). Thanks!

  • Hello there! Would you like to participate in the allkpop version on produce 101 with a prize of 1000 akorns?
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