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  • Jae, you can take your time, you can listen to it slowly one by one!

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    • Yayy thank youu so much Hilary for helping me get into enhypen! I’ll def give these tracks a thorough listen on my free time! :send-love-bunny:

    • Your welcome Jae! Tell me what you think abt it!

  • Hi! Hru?

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    • Hii I’m doing well!! I haven’t been active here that much, so I’m catching up! How about yourself?

    • I'm doing well too.. Btw what groups do you stan?

    • ITZY, Twice, RV, Aespa, NCT, StayC, Fromis, Ive, Le Sserafim, DIA, TxT and the occasional StrayKids! Which groups do you stan?

    • My stan list is really long so I can't name them all but my ult is enhypen!

      Also what should I call you?

    • Lol no worries I understand! Definitely hmu with some of your fav enhypen tracks when you get the chance! <3

      You can call me Jae! Do you have a preferred name you’d like to be called?

  • I miss chatting with you in the allkill lounge thread :pepe-puddle:

    RIP our allkill subscriptions :pepe-puddle:

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    • Heyyy!! it’s been a while how are ya? Yep I still need to renew my sub, but I haven’t found the time to be active lately due to finals :waterr:

      Also just realized there’s new bee emojis :ahh-bee:

    • I've been good! My spring semester just finished like a few days ago, so I'm lowkey chillin for 2 weeks :claps:

      Is this your finals week? Finals are such a struggle especially if they're cumulative :sob-bunny:

      Ya they're from the new "buzz & press" section :check-bee: The bees are super cute, love them :mesmerized-bee:

    • Ayyyy congrats on finishing your spring semester strong!! <3

      Yep my last cumulative final is tomorrow so I’ve been procrastinating and cramming the last couple of chapters from the textbook :ok-bee:

      Out of all the bee emojis my favorite ones are these 2! They’re too cute! :coming-bee: :ok-bee:

    • Thank you~!2x

      Good luck on your final tmrw! You got this! Lmk how it turns out, hoping everything will be ok for you 2x

      I love how round the bee is :coming-bee:

    • Surprisingly I finished in 34min!! :froghype:

      Hopefully it brain was working fast and not randomly guessing lmaooo :pepe-big-brain:

      Now I gotta wait for final grades to be released, hopefully they curve it by a lot of points, I felt pretty confident with my answers. I’m gonna take a fat nap and catch up on sleep :coming-bee:

  • I don't think your gifs are working

    they don't show up for me and I get access denied when I try to click on them..

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    • NOOOoooo this can't be...my beautiful Wendy aesthetic isn't working ;(

      Hmmm let me reupload them, lmk if you can see it now!!

      Also thanks for letting me know!!! <3

    • I don't think they work still

      did you check the privacy settings (I heard of them but I dunno if they exist lol)

      anyways if it really doesn't work tumblr might work lol

      (if you send them to me I can even post it to my tumblr for you)

    • Darn, hmmm how about now? Just reuploaded them! I might have to go the Tumblr route if this doesn't work

    • AYYYYYYY they workinggg

    • Tysm!! Now that I realize it, I changed my aesthetic a couple weeks ago, that means my beautiful wendy gifs weren't working back then :facepalm:

      Anyways thanks again kataphract!! :rv38:

  • just wanted to write that queen Wendy looks amazing in your aesthetics!!!

    You are Wendysistible(fandom name that I made up) so you are nice! :pleading:

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  • Akorns plez :pepefrog:

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  • :ak_JihyoWaves:

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  • NekoHi at 2x

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  • You went to the Twice concert. Lucky you! I would have gone as well, but conditions weren't ideal, unfortunately.

    Welcome to AKP!

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    • Thanks for the warm welcome!! Yep, I don't often go to concerts so it was an exhilarating experience. Aww, I hope you'll get the opportunity to go if they go on tour again in the future!! ^^