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  • Jae, you can take your time, you can listen to it slowly one by one!

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    • Yayy thank youu so much Hilary for helping me get into enhypen! I’ll def give these tracks a thorough listen on my free time! :send-love-bunny:

    • Your welcome Jae! Tell me what you think abt it!

  • Hi! Hru?

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    • Hii I’m doing well!! I haven’t been active here that much, so I’m catching up! How about yourself?

    • I'm doing well too.. Btw what groups do you stan?

    • ITZY, Twice, RV, Aespa, NCT, StayC, Fromis, Ive, Le Sserafim, DIA, TxT and the occasional StrayKids! Which groups do you stan?

    • My stan list is really long so I can't name them all but my ult is enhypen!

      Also what should I call you?

    • Lol no worries I understand! Definitely hmu with some of your fav enhypen tracks when you get the chance! <3

      You can call me Jae! Do you have a preferred name you’d like to be called?

  • I miss chatting with you in the allkill lounge thread :pepe-puddle:

    RIP our allkill subscriptions :pepe-puddle:

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    • Heyyy!! it’s been a while how are ya? Yep I still need to renew my sub, but I haven’t found the time to be active lately due to finals :waterr:

      Also just realized there’s new bee emojis :ahh-bee:

    • I've been good! My spring semester just finished like a few days ago, so I'm lowkey chillin for 2 weeks :claps:

      Is this your finals week? Finals are such a struggle especially if they're cumulative :sob-bunny:

      Ya they're from the new "buzz & press" section :check-bee: The bees are super cute, love them :mesmerized-bee:

    • Ayyyy congrats on finishing your spring semester strong!! <3

      Yep my last cumulative final is tomorrow so I’ve been procrastinating and cramming the last couple of chapters from the textbook :ok-bee:

      Out of all the bee emojis my favorite ones are these 2! They’re too cute! :coming-bee: :ok-bee:

    • Thank you~!2x

      Good luck on your final tmrw! You got this! Lmk how it turns out, hoping everything will be ok for you 2x

      I love how round the bee is :coming-bee:

    • Surprisingly I finished in 34min!! :froghype:

      Hopefully it brain was working fast and not randomly guessing lmaooo :pepe-big-brain:

      Now I gotta wait for final grades to be released, hopefully they curve it by a lot of points, I felt pretty confident with my answers. I’m gonna take a fat nap and catch up on sleep :coming-bee:

  • I don't think your gifs are working

    they don't show up for me and I get access denied when I try to click on them..

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    • NOOOoooo this can't be...my beautiful Wendy aesthetic isn't working ;(

      Hmmm let me reupload them, lmk if you can see it now!!

      Also thanks for letting me know!!! <3

    • I don't think they work still

      did you check the privacy settings (I heard of them but I dunno if they exist lol)

      anyways if it really doesn't work tumblr might work lol

      (if you send them to me I can even post it to my tumblr for you)

    • Darn, hmmm how about now? Just reuploaded them! I might have to go the Tumblr route if this doesn't work

    • AYYYYYYY they workinggg

    • Tysm!! Now that I realize it, I changed my aesthetic a couple weeks ago, that means my beautiful wendy gifs weren't working back then :facepalm:

      Anyways thanks again kataphract!! :rv38:

  • just wanted to write that queen Wendy looks amazing in your aesthetics!!!

    You are Wendysistible(fandom name that I made up) so you are nice! :pleading:

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  • wendy :omgr: what's ur dp before i don't recognise u lmao :rv18:

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    • Hiii!! My dp before was a static of sana!

      I recently saw the inkigayo performance and Wendy looked stunning so I made it my dp!! :rv24:

    • oof i don't remember i thought u had anime dp before :sana2:

      Sweet i love wendy & sana too :sana5:

    • Lmaooo no worries! It was painted by an artist, so it probably did look like anime hahaha

      lol I’ve never seen the confused sana gif being properly used until now. Thanks for the good laughs!! <3

    • :ak_minasmile: :ak_hanuelheart:

    • thanks for the follow :tzuyu4:

  • thanks for the follow my friend so as I ask of everyone tell me something about yourself?

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    • Not a problem, you seem super chill!

      One thing about my self hmmmm…one of my hobbies is keeping exotic fish. It’s very relaxing to stare at them when I’m stressed out ^^

    • exotic fish???? such as?

      well there's a swimming pool at my parents house and given that we don't swim very much they converted it into a fish pond with goldfish and koi lol

      it's been a fish pond for like 5-10 years now!!!!

    • I like to keep South American fish like discus and altum angelfish. They’re my absolute favorite since they get big laterally, almost like a plate!

      Ohhhhh! I’ve always wanted to have a pond! Koi fish are my 3rd favorite fish! I like the butterfly variant for their long fins, they almost remind me of a streamlined arowana!!

      How many koi/goldfish does your parents’ pond have? I can only imagine how much of an exciting project it was to convert a pool into a pond! ^^

    • a lot!!! lol

      like imagine a normal sized pool filled with fish big and small then they breed and so forth lol

      I would say at least hundreds if not thousands (including the little ones)

      nice...aren't those fish like really expensive?

    • Woaaah they breed fish too that’s cool! It’s interesting to see a couple hundred fish flocking in one area to eat food lol

      Yep they are expensive fish, it’s very disheartening when one passes for no apparent reason. Luckily it doesn’t happen too often!

  • Akorns plez :pepefrog:

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  • you joined once cult and got allkill :nct10:

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    • It’s sooo worth it tho!! :nct16:

    • joining once cult or getting allkill? 176333-chanyeol-ooh-gif

      either way, yeah they're both great. unfortunately, mine expires in a few days :blanket:

    • Yep both!! Awww that sucks, I’m trying out AllKill for the month to see how I like it. So far the gifs slap real hard

    • im glad you're liking it lol

      it took me a while to get used to allkill ;(

  • :ak_JihyoWaves:

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  • NekoHi at 2x

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  • You went to the Twice concert. Lucky you! I would have gone as well, but conditions weren't ideal, unfortunately.

    Welcome to AKP!

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    • Thanks for the warm welcome!! Yep, I don't often go to concerts so it was an exhilarating experience. Aww, I hope you'll get the opportunity to go if they go on tour again in the future!! ^^